From Shangqiu to Beijing, there are also high speed rail, the fastest is only 4 hours and 35 minutes-nlite

From Shangqiu to Beijing also has high-speed rail, the fastest is only 4 hours and 35 minutes, Henan Business Daily News (reporter Chen Shiang) from November 10th, Shangqiu to Beijing also has high-speed rail. Thanks to the opening of Zheng Xu Gaotie, in November 10th, Shangqiu will open the first train to Beijing high-speed rail train. Specific trips, Shangqiu – Beijing West G1561 times, 7:33, 12:34 in the west of Beijing, Xu Zheng stops off special civil rights (7:48~7:51), North Lan Kaonan (8:03~8:05), Kaifeng North (8:22~8:25), Zhengzhou East (8:46~9:05); Beijing West – Shangqiu G1559 times, 9:13 in West Beijing, Shangqiu 13:48 to stop in Zheng Xu passenger dedicated Zhengzhou East (12:18~12:30), Kaifeng North (12:50~12:52) and Lan Kaonan (13:08~13:19). But before this, the train to Beijing in Shangqiu, the fastest also takes 7 hours and 47 minutes. After the high-speed train between Shangqiu and Beijing was opened, the fastest speed between the two places was only 4 hours and 35 minutes. Video: Zheng Xugao iron on foreign media headlines, Shangqiu is only 45 minutes today to Zhengzhou: Qinyang sixtieth old infraredimages three years to save 2000 yuan back to the street today hot news: Nanyang two huoleifeng woman to the supermarket when their own wardrobe while visiting side man stealing clothes to account not cool two mobile phone broke others jailed for three months long sister-in-law as a mother of Kaifeng women 15 years taking care of mentally retarded brother-in-law Nanyang old Lai exposure briefless active repayment for delete blacklist four door "ghost village" Adventure Tour pal lost trapped mountains Henan recommended: a set of solicitation to shoot Eleven: Double Dog abuse [theme] edition now you either single or the single has been off, must have experienced or are experiencing abuse by couples, photographed show loving couple (street kiss) picture, express your masochistic mood! [participation] submission mailbox: dywypjh@qq, specify the subject of submission, shooting site and the name of the photographer, contact notes and other brief drawings. Grand card glory was born: eating and drinking all over Henan, cold in the hot spring flowers, fragrant hot springs only 10 yuan big Yu network, as well as such special service, take a look at > > > >

明起商丘到北京也有高铁啦 最快只需4小时35分钟河南商报讯(记者 陈诗昂)11月10日起,商丘到北京也有高铁了。得益于郑徐高铁的开通,11月10日,商丘将开出首趟始发至北京的高铁列车。具体车次是,商丘—北京西G1561次,7:33开,北京西12:34到,在郑徐客专经停民权北(7:48~7:51)、兰考南(8:03~8:05)、开封北(8:22~8:25)、郑州东(8:46~9:05);北京西—商丘G1559次,9:13在北京西开,商丘13:48到,在郑徐客专经停郑州东(12:18~12:30)、开封北(12:50~12:52)、兰考南(13:08~13:19)。但在此之前,商丘开往北京的列车,最快也需要7小时47分钟。商丘与北京间高铁列车开通后,两地间最快只需要4小时35分钟。相关视频: 郑徐高铁上国外媒体头条,郑州到商丘仅需45分钟 今日热图:沁阳花甲老人三年攒了2000元 当街还给活雷锋今日热闻:南阳两女子把超市当自家衣橱 边逛边偷衣服男子要账不冷静摔他人两部手机 获刑三个月长嫂如母 开封一妇女15年悉心照顾智障小叔子南阳老赖被曝光生意冷清 主动还款求删黑名单四驴友封门“鬼村”探险 迷路被困山里大豫推荐:一拍集合有奖征集令:双十一虐狗特辑[活动主题]现在的你无论是单身还是已经脱单,想必都经历过或者正在经历着被情侣虐吧,拍下情侣秀恩爱(街吻) 的画面,表达你被虐的心情吧![参与方式]投稿邮箱:dywypjh@qq,写明投稿主题、拍摄地点以及拍摄者的姓名、联系方式等简要图注。大豫卡荣耀诞生:吃喝玩乐遍河南天冷就该泡温泉花丛里的香温泉只需10元大豫网还有这样的特殊服务,快来看看吧>>>>相关的主题文章: