From hearthstone legend to Yin and Yang teacher card game where is the way out punyu

From hearthstone legend to Yin and Yang teacher card game where is the way out? In January 3, 2014, Beijing Shijingshan Chinese gaming hall ushered in the annual ECL finals once a year, unlike in previous years, this time a strange face quietly, it is "hearthstone legend", which also marks a strategy card game officially joined the occupation electronic sports events. Rumors, Blizzard, will be fine "," hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft "and deliver the goods, as a concept based on World of Warcraft TCG (TradingCardGame collectible card game), once launched, swept the world. Hearthstone legend "hearthstone" battle interface is concise and lively, left for the record, right below the base, for its own, above the enemy. The goal of the game is to kill each other’s heroes. How to succeed? Answer any questions should be combined with the background of the times, "hearthstone legend" is so popular is that the game is closely related to the environment, but we may wish to put aside the background factors, first talk about the game itself highlights. Art "hearthstone legend" the most impressive point is that it is pleasing to the eye screen, fine skills and exquisite card drawing. Of course, this is a good game should have some of the characteristics, although these seem to be unimportant embellishment, but it can reflect the level of game sincerity. For many 80 will be regarded as the "World of Warcraft" memories of youth, reduction of Warcraft series, 90 who may have no contact with the game, but it should also have a great reputation for knowledge. Go to the personal experience of a "World of Warcraft" may be a bit tired, but through the card to make some memories or feelings seem to be a good choice. In the game, game player can play 9 classic heroes of Warcraft series, are Jaina Mol, the general mage and paladin Hunter Uther, Rexxar warrior, Drew Imam Farrior, Garr rush, warlock Gul’dan priest the Reverend Anduin Wrynn, Sal, stalkers, Valeera Sanq NAR, "hearthstone" a large reduction the classic sound and lines of Warcraft series, while the national service is the voice of conscience, reached a very high level. Of course, "" this hearthstone legend is not only out of feelings, the deeper reason is the game material strictly controlled, rough statistics, China wow audience reached 100 million, for Blizzard, firmly grasp the existing IP card game than the stove is simple and easy to more success. A good gaming experience the most well-known three domestic game player card game, the game is War Within Three Kingdoms king and stone legend, especially in War Within Three Kingdoms and hearthstone legend (the most famous game king series of video games sold in multiple consoles, rarely landing mobile and PC platform), the War Within Three Kingdoms and Hearthstone is two the game of different categories, the former is LCG (LivingCardGame card game), the latter is TCG (TradingCardGame trading card game), the biggest difference between the two, simply, LC.相关的主题文章: