French Minister of economic affairs is intended to resign to participate in the presidential electio

The resignation of the French Minister of finance is intended to participate in the presidential election, the original title: the resignation of the French Minister of Finance intends to participate in the presidential election data figure: MA (left). China News Agency reporter Long Jianwu photo China News Agency, Paris (reporter Long Jianwu) in August 30, a popular French Economy Minister Ma kelom announced his resignation in August 30th. The media refers to the intention to participate in the election of Ma resigned face cron French President Nicolas Hollande dilemma highlights. French presidential palace issued 30 press release said that afternoon to the Elysee Palace Ma crone submitted his resignation to Hollande, to devote his political movement". Minister of finance by the current finance minister Sapan took over. Explain the reasons for the resignation of cron horse in the subsequent press conference, but did not explicitly announce. He said he hoped that from now on to open a new stage of its political journey, the development of a simple service to the public welfare program. Ma Kelong hinted that he keenly aware of the French political system limited to. He is determined to "transform" France through its ideas and actions from next year. Make the transformation to the debate, and the effective time is the presidential election debate. Previously, Ma cron has several published challenging remarks, even self bearing not socialist. In April this year, he also initiated the establishment of the advertised position non left non right political organization forward, in order to seek public support. These moves are considered to be the campaign for the presidential election. In May 2012, Hollande was elected president, a financial ma served as Deputy Secretary General for the presidency cron. In August 2014, the 36 year old ma kelom was appointed Minister of economy, thus becoming the youngest Minister of France after Goldstein. In charge of the Ministry of economy, Ma began to dominate the economic reform, the introduction of the promotion of economic growth, activities and Equal Opportunities Act, deregulation for Sunday, and promote the reform of labor law. Observers believe that in the long run, the Ma Kelong act will help enhance the economic vitality and competitiveness of france. Ma young, the reform of the medicine image of them in the French people gained some popularity. There are comments that Ma cron resignation Hollande lost a downturn in the popularity of the "trump card" to seek re-election on the road, but also adds a powerful enemy". Some analysts pointed out that the presidential election in 2017, French politics has entered the campaign season. Former president Sarkozy, former chairman of the Republican opposition as right-wing announced his candidacy, main rival party nomination is the former general Lifei Alvaro Juppe; left the ruling socialist party also have several former ministers announced in the party primaries. Ma cron if the election, Mr Hollande will not only further into "isolated", may also pose a threat to the right-wing candidate, bring new variables to the already complex election. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: