Foxconn took over after SHARP shares doubled but not optimistic about the successful transformation

Foxconn took over SHARP share price doubled but not to be optimistic about the successful transformation of Sharp Co Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 1st news, according to foreign media reports, Foxconn took over, SHARP’s share price has more than doubled, but the Japanese track display manufacturers analysts do not believe that the company has successfully made the transition. Since August this year, Foxconn completed the acquisition of the capital, now SHARP’s share price has rocketed to a year high, a market capitalization of about 900 billion yen ($8 billion 600 million). Still, 11 of the analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, which are in a position to sell SHARP’s stock, almost did not change before the stock price rose. At the same time, no one analyst gave SHARP stock buy rating. SHARP was once on the brink of bankruptcy, but Foxconn’s 289 billion yen package helped pull it back. Now, SHARP needs to demonstrate its ability to cut costs, refurbish its LCD business, and end the past five years has reached a record loss of $1 trillion and 400 billion. On Tuesday, SHARP President Dai Zhengwu will release its first quarterly earnings since taking office. The new management in place, SHARP has not announced a business plan, also did not give full year outlook. "First of all, we need to see the real evidence that the fundamentals are improving," said Masahiko, an analyst at Ishino securities in the East China Sea, which gives SHARP shares a rating. Then we need to know what their strategy is." SHARP spokesman Yoshifumi Seki declined to comment on market trends. According to a person familiar with the matter said, SHARP is now negotiating with apple, hoping to provide the next generation of iPhone OLED display. Taking into account that Foxconn is Apple’s main foundry, which undoubtedly increased optimism. SHARP said last month that it expects annual operating profit and net profit to improve significantly thanks to a return to profitability and synergies with Foxconn. However, SHARP did not give specific figures. Nikkei News reported on 19, SHARP’s annual operating profit could reach $40 billion, far more than analysts expected an average of 12 billion 900 million yen. In addition to the new outlook, investors and analysts will also be concerned about whether the new president detailed plans to cooperate with Foxconn. SHARP has said in a deal, the new technology will allow the company to join Foxconn investment and active development in various fields, including communications, networking, display, intelligent, and Home Furnishing solar enterprise solutions. Ace Tokyo Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda said: "it is still too early to judge the impact of Foxconn on SHARP business. If SHARP’s quarterly earnings can be any improvement, it is likely to be due to SHARP before the acquisition of the deployment of initiatives." While SHARP may be recorded for the first time in three years the annual operating profit to positive, but in terms of net profit is likely to remain a deficit. Analysts predict that in the fiscal year ending in March next year, SHARP’s net loss will reach 36 billion 200 million yen. Benefit from Foxconn’s investment, SHARP’s debt is no longer beyond its assets, which allows the company to focus on improving its core industry.相关的主题文章: