Four basic indicators – Interpretation of Pu’er Tea Sohu tea drink sugus

The interpretation of Pu’er Tea tea four basic indicators – Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea "spring tea" this concept is very interesting, according to scientific explanation, the mouth is not feel "aroma", "oral only salty, sweet and bitter, sour and fresh" these five kinds of taste buds. "Scent" actually only through the nasal feel, the nasal and oral channel is smoothly, so the food into the mouth and nasal fluid will be catch the scent of this long, give a person a kind of oral odor perception illusion. Therefore, many old tea drinkers will smell "Yang Xiang" and "goods to the soup with sweet" view, we distinguish is no problem in the process of tea, because tea aroma smell directly in the mouth and the tea is "indirect" feel fragrant soup, indeed is not the same kind of experience, so it comes out four basic indicators: 1, dry tea tea (dry tea) 2, hanging cup incense (empty cup) 3, Jan (tea), containing 4 fragrant fragrant soup (soup). Map: South Beauty Tea tea "spring" dry tea is a name, not tea in the water before the natural fragrance of tea in some hills on the dry tea with a strong degree of recognition, according to our experience, and in the leaves of Pu’er tea performance more prominent in this indicator, identification compared with the leaf species should be higher, for example, Jing maishan, trapped deer hill, Biondi mountains, Yibang mountain. Hanging cup incense is left by the tea in the tea cup cup or just pour tea after taste, also can be in a smelling cup feel directly, scraping the cups of incense suggested in the tea washing after using reasonable cup to feel, the fair cup in a large space, you can also gather more fragrance in the public cup after the difference the feeling of "hot cup incense" and "cold cup sweet" temperature and cooling, the aroma will have "gone with the wind, precipitation, accumulation and dispersion", this process has increased the fun of tea. Yang Hong is the emitted in the tea aroma. Map: South Beauty Tea tea "Yue Quan" adjectives on flavor, we just used you can feel more familiar with the vocabulary difference, I hope my friends can also form their own judgment for easy identification for flavor words, not necessary for people to pursue a tangle of flowers. With fragrant soup is a basic index for the most direct impact on the tea, personally think that the intuitive feelings can bring the objective understanding of the fragrant soup containing a tea, with fragrant soup with brewing times and changes in the brewing process. Map: South Beauty Tea tea "spring" of a tea brewing in the rear section, will be showing a unique flavor in the bottom hill, we drink tea experience, the mainstream area of Menghai, Wu Yi, Wuliang Mountain will show the area corresponding to the bottom of mountain tea the base flavor taste, you can become an effective way to determine the area of tea. More about the Pu’er Tea basic knowledge, such as brewing and drinking, save to share, please add the South Beauty Beauty Tea Dong Ming? Personal micro number: dydy500 (long press copy) details. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea, Iceland secret tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? With no front as an example相关的主题文章: