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Foreign Ministry: strongly urge the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization of Sohu – Ministry of foreign affairs 9, held a regular press conference today to respond to North Korea’s nuclear test. Q: what do you think of the current situation on the Korean Peninsula and North Korea’s nuclear test? In addition to the nuclear test again, which measures will be taken? Answer: the DPRK despite widespread opposition of the international community to conduct a fifth nuclear test. China’s foreign ministry has issued a statement indicating the Chinese government firmly opposes the position. To achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, preventing nuclear proliferation and maintaining peace and stability in Northeast Asia, is the firm position of the Chinese side. We strongly urge the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization, comply with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council, to take any action to stop the worsening situation of. Since the beginning of this year, the situation in the peninsula twists and turns repeatedly, serious damage to peace and stability in the region, contrary to the general expectations of the international community. Facts have proved that the security concerns of the relevant parties should Peninsula and only to meet the interests of all parties to resolve any unilateral action, only from their own interests are taken to a "dead end", will only exacerbate tensions, the complexity of the problem, not only the final without help to solve its own security concerns, but will make the relevant it is more difficult to achieve goals. The Chinese side strongly urged the parties to focus on the overall situation, cautious and avoid further stimulate each other, and jointly promote the denuclearization process, to achieve peace and stability on the peninsula to make a genuine effort. China will continue to adhere to dialogue and consultation, under the framework of the six party talks to resolve the issue of the peninsula.相关的主题文章: