Foreign media visit Pyongyang Film Festival the audience was stunned by the India film misao

Foreign media to visit the Pyongyang Film Festival: audience was stunned and terrified the India film – Beijing core tip: from 21 countries all 60 movie film of the year, including from Germany, France and India film, but as in the past, the United States and the absence of Korean film remarkable. Reference News Network October 23 foreign media reported that the town of Pyongyang covers an area of 10 million square feet (about 930 thousand square meters), a mountain across North Korea on the outskirts of Pyongyang, is said to be the world’s largest film and Television City, there are a variety of foreign locations show, reflects the outside world in the Korean propaganda. According to the United States, "New York Times" website reported on October 20th, some scenes intended to depict Japan, there is a common street in Europe, as well as about the appearance of South Korea around 1950. Reported that this is the visitors are visiting Pyongyang, they got a few opportunities, you can go to North korea. They are taking part in the biennial Pyongyang International Film festival. Reported that the opening ceremony of the film festival is no lack of spectacular scenes. In mid September, it was held in the Central Youth Palace of the capital, for the occasion, the venue was renovated a new appearance, attended the opening ceremony of government officials, members of the film festival delegation and representatives of various embassies. Officials of the car and bus carrying performance groups with wide parking lot, wearing beautiful clothes for women in the packed theater. The night also introduced by the five member of the jury, they are all men, a Russian citizen Yuri? M Qiu Shen led, he served in the Russian Ministry of internal affairs, currently hosted a "law enforcement" of the film festival in moscow. A few years ago, the film festival has invited judges from Iran, Syria and china. The opening ceremony, the host stood under a statue of dove sculpture, announced that the festival will show from the film of the anti war and "the desire for a better life in peace" country. The film festival is a film that is expected to win a Oscar prize or a film starring Hollywood stars, and it is likely to be a film of socialist values or patriotism. After that, the guests watched the opening film, "the quiet outpost," a melodrama that reflects the Russian war. Reported that, in the eight day Film Festival, there will be 11 films competing for the top prize of "torch Award" (Best Torch Award). The jury was told that the evaluation standard is whether the film is a good example of the film festival’s official theme of "independence, peace, friendship, and whether they thought that the main body, is the former North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung proposed the principle of autonomy. This year’s film has 60 films from 21 countries, compared to the previous more than and 100, a lot less. This year’s film includes films from Germany, France and India, but as in the past, the absence of the United States and South Korea film. A night of this year’s Film Festival with "the Lord of the rings" India style fantasy epic "King Bajo Barry": first, the film ends with a suspense, after the show, the audience.相关的主题文章: