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Foreign gathered China – Asia Europe Expo: look forward to open the market China – Beijing, new network reporter Li Jinlei photo " src=" 20160920; 201692020429.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" fifth China – Asia Europe Expo opened in Urumqi on 20. Reporter Li Jinlei photo " > Fifth China – Asia Europe Expo opened in Urumqi on the 20. Beijing, China News Agency, Urumqi, September Li Jinlei (reporter Li Jinlei) Fifth China – Asia Europe Expo opened in Urumqi on the 20 day of 20. The Expo exhibition scale, body mass, subject matter are the most. From "The Belt and Road national businessmen in the Expo, they hoped Expo platform to open Chinese or tap the market, bring real money for them". It is reported that this exhibition "jointly sharing the Silk Road: opportunities and future" as the theme, the exhibition area of 140 thousand square meters, guests 6 international organizations, 57 countries and regions participating exhibitors, professional buyers reached 3500, a record high. Beijing, the reporter found in the Expo site, the exhibition theme is rich, including international and Hong Kong and Macao, investment cooperation, textile and clothing, food and agricultural products, Wine, jade jewelry, building materials, mechanical equipment, engineering machinery and vehicle engineering, logistics and information technology, intelligent life, car life, agricultural technology and equipment exhibition more than and 10. 20 is the first professional public day, the exhibition hall crowded. Beijing, the reporter saw in the international and Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan District, Belarus, Turkey, Georgia, South Korea, Japan and other countries have set up a booth, a variety of products to attract a lot of visitors. Belarus exhibition area. Reporter Li Jinlei photo before we participated in the exhibition in Shanghai, this time to participate in the Asia Europe Expo in Xinjiang, hoping to know more businesses and partners." From Belarus, a company called "VELES-MEAT (mitt Williams)" meat processing enterprises of foreign reporters on the new network said, looking forward with fair this platform to promote their meat products such as sausage to the China market, more cooperation and Chinese in this regard. In Turkey, a fur enterprise when sales manager Yili told reporters on the new site, Chinese huge market potential, the enterprises in Turkey own brand to enter the China in almost five or six years, in the northeast of Beijing, the establishment of a certain size of the customer base, this came to Urumqi exhibition of the Asia Europe Expo, the goal is to develop here. The market, to further expand the customer base. Turkey exhibition area. Washington reporter Li Jinlei photo, we want to make this platform bigger and better, but also hope that China can continue to hold such a large exhibition, better support for foreign enterprises in the Chinese market." Yili said. Engaged in international in Xinjiang相关的主题文章: