Foreign executives curse event can not be reconciled e2140

Foreign executives curse event can not be reconciled recently, Beijing central villa in Shunyi, a foreign company executives in China due to the dispute over parking disputes in public abuse of Chinese residents. Immediately triggered discontent and anger around people. When the identity of the identity of the foreign staff identified as Daimler bus (China) Co., Ltd., President and chief executive officer Gao Haina (RainerGaertner), and some even issued a boycott of Mercedes Benz products extremist remarks. Soon, the local police investigation issued a bulletin said: at present, the parties in accordance with the provisions of the public security administration punishment law, has reached a voluntary mediation agreement. At the same time, Daimler issued a statement, announced that it would be suspected of humiliating Chinese executives dismissed. The problem is, the executives make impertinent remarks was expelled from the company to get? The public security organs to the individual owners can arrange a settlement closed trouble? These two questions are worth considering. Indeed, the executive Daimler curse their words and deeds for the individual, and not representative of the Daimler, only because the employees of the company and its products to resist the curse, some Big deal. But when the matter is fermented in the network, the people’s anger is reasonable. Moreover, the chaos is the first attempt to grab the wrong parking. According to common sense, as a well-known multinational enterprise executives, whether it is the country in which he should know they must abide by the basic principle of the country, what gave him so emboldened to be insolent and rude? The quality of their personal character from the need to say (according to media reports that the person in his country has been a bad precedent), and foreigners in China can enjoy special care is probably one of the reasons. A few years ago, some joint ventures in China, in the form of joint management of Chinese enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, but the actual decision of the foreign joint venture development and prosperity. Because the technology of the product originates from the foreign country, the Chinese side lacks the experience and ability of management, technology and so on. At the same time, the remuneration of foreign executives often better than Chinese citizens, they can enjoy some of the more favorable conditions, which objectively led to a number of foreign executives from the heart of a sense of superiority. In the protection and application of law, foreigners seem to be able to feel better than the Chinese people. A few years ago, Japanese Kawahara Keiichiro lost his bicycle in Wuhan, police specially deployed police investigation, and at the police station also held a ceremony. Thus, in 2013, the streets of Hefei, and even the emergence of a foreigner on behalf of the report, advertising, known as the hundred percent solve the case". To some extent, this "super national treatment" makes some of the quality is not high up to foreigners. Similarly, the face of criminal charges, foreigners also seem to be preferential treatment. Although China’s "criminal law" stipulates that where the crime in the field of our country, in addition to the special provisions of the law, are applicable to China’s criminal law. For a foreigner who has committed a crime, he may apply independently or apply the deportation. But in fact, the judicial organs in some cases, more or less, there are still some "trouble" and other negative psychological. There have been reports of investigation, in 2010 in Shanghai bars investigated violations of immigration laws and regulations of more than 60 foreigners, but also seized 2.相关的主题文章: