Focus G20 Hangzhou Summit the pursuit of more efficient global economic and financial governance

Focus on the G20 summit in Hangzhou: the pursuit of more efficient global economic and Financial Governance – Beijing, the pursuit of more efficient global economic and financial governance (focusing on the G20 summit in Hangzhou? Chinese effect) British referendum off Europe, U.S. presidential candidate throws a series of protectionist rhetoric, some western countries frequently for foreign investment restrictions…… Once a strong impetus to the growth of the world economy globalization, now seems to have encountered a problem, some people think that this is the end of the beginning of globalization "". However, as Nobel prize winning economist, Stiglitz, expressed in the globalization and its discontent, the problem is not globalization, but how to manage the process. In the critical period of globalization encounter headwinds, the group of twenty (G20) summit held in China for the first time, global economic governance needs new wisdom. China will be more efficient global financial governance as one of the main topics of the summit, efforts to promote the improvement of global economic governance, so that the world share governance results. Every step of the G20 leadership in Hangzhou will be a major step in the global economic governance process. Open, so that the world’s economic water to live up to the world economy closed plug, general rules live. Now the world economic recovery teeter, largely related with protectionism. International trade this year may be fifth consecutive years of growth of less than 3%, the worst growth period in more than 30 years, investment growth this year may drop by 10% – 15%, it is difficult to restore to the highest level before the international financial crisis. Correspondingly, major economies continue to introduce restrictions on Trade and investment measures, the voice of globalization is suspected of emerging. So that the world economy can not live without water, open thinking. "The economy of all countries, the same is the same, and then close the retreat." In September 2013, President Xi Jinping for the first time in G20 forum, the protectionism of the wind, that jointly maintain and develop an open world economy, put forward to maintain a free, open and non discriminatory multilateral trading system, to improve the global investment rules. The next two years, President Xi Jinping’s speech at the G20 summit will be devoted to the construction of an open world economy, open to become China’s global economic governance advocated keywords. The Hangzhou summit and the G20 summit in the past 3 years down, will open China again in an important position of cooperation. China is committed to reviving the two traditional engines of the world economy in response to the downturn in Global trade and protectionism. G20 chairman, China China, together with other parties to discuss strengthening trade and investment mechanism construction, the successful creation of the trade and Investment Working Group, and proceed to develop a global trade growth strategy and investment policy guidelines. Open the window, in order to achieve air convection, fresh air to come in. Open, will provide enough air for trade and investment have a difficult period engine, to help the world economy through the old and new energy "lean". Gu Xuewu, director of the center for Global Studies at University of Bonn in Germany, argues that the most important thing is to reform the world trade system, especially to eliminate the trade barriers that have piled up since 2008. Kahn, a senior fellow at the American Institute for international studies, said in the face of the protection of the Lord, "said Robert相关的主题文章: