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Flavor of autumn maple spring tour in Japan (JR Shinkansen tours) – Sohu tourism missed the spring Sakura, seems to be using a short holiday, to see the wind and under the mountain maple. Japan Japan is the earliest autumn maple leaf, see it there, a quiet spot northeast spring tour. And the daughter foliage tour to the Japanese maple leaf tour, also deliberately drew a mask, look for the "forever agreement of fireflies Sen" in. Xiao Yu and by two beautiful exit shooting and flourishing private wind. On the stroke of Day1 Shanghai — (FM537) — Haneda Airport – (JA147) – Aomori — Tel te, we do not stay? I, Aomori? Former Hotel – Tianjin? J after this house?? art Day2 Aomori nebuta Museum Home — Aomori Apple Park — JR Aomori big tuna rice taste — JR Shinkansen (green line) to Morioka (all) kakunodate — in Tamachi Wu house dressing Day3 Akita kakunodate tours Maple Leaf – stone of Heilongjiang green willow home (home warrior visit) — JR Shinkansen (line to Morioka): Morioka station soba lunch — turn to ordinary tram — in big spring rolls? Chrysanthemum hall day4 farmhouse in Iwate — lion nose — JR Creek rafting Shinkansen (?? Line) to Sendai County — products of cattle or on Iraq? — in and with rice fries into the Sendai, Sendai Tel te Day5? Qi on the work team, Chan’s Zeta – fries (GA ~?? – JR) baked way Shinkansen (green line) to Tokyo — to the bus outlet – bus to Narita Airport — (JL879) — a Shanghai Hotel, we do not Tel te? I, Aomori? Before the hotel address: Aomori Aomori Shinmachi 1-1-24 Tel: 017-731-3611 address: Tamachi Wu house dressing North City fall Xian County kakunodate Machida CHO hajong Tel: 0187-52-1700 Hot Spring Museum Address: chrysanthemum? The word big Iwate County Hanamaki soup Tel: 0198-25-2021? And with rice fries into the Department of Sendai address: Tel, Miyagi Sendai miyagino tsutsujigaoka 1-2-37 Tel: 022-293-7055 on the cost of air tickets transportation (total 3800RNB) Shanghai ticket from Tokyo to Tokyo one-way ticket JR Aomori Shinkansen and tram traffic (total yen) Aomori (green line) – Morioka (Turkey) — kakunodate kakunodate (pink) – Morioka (general TRAM) – Hanamaki (green line) – Iwate Sendai County (green line) — Tokyo taxi and other transportation costs: airport bus (total yen) for Tianjin? J after this? House wine? Yen big tuna rice yen Tamachi Wu house dressing on Yen buckwheat相关的主题文章: