Five Ways To Use A Step Stool Around The

Business Look around your house. Do you have a step stool stowed in a closet somewhere that you rarely use? If so, why not? Didn’t you know that step stools have a number of purposes for use around the house? Stop trying to do everything without help. Get that step stool out and use it. Here are five ways that a step stool could help make your everyday chores faster and easier to get done: 1. Reaching the top shelves in your cabi.s. Most people store specialty items they don’t need very often on the top shelves of their cabi.s. Why? Because they can’t reach them! Now, consider how much more storage space you would have in your kitchen and other closets if you could actually use that wasted space. Keeping a step stool handy would give you back the storage spaces you need all through the house. 2. To change a light bulb. How many times have you had to wait until a taller member of the family came home to change a burned out bulb in the hallway or foyer? Now you don’t have to. Use a step stool to elevate you to the height you need and live in the light again. 3. To change the air filters in your Air Conditioning unit. Maintaining you’re A/C can be a relatively simple job if you don’t try to do it on top of a chair. Using a step stool to reach these high vents can make it a quick and easy job. 4. To tie your luggage on your car roof. If packing for a long trip makes you want to that vacation, take heart. You don’t have to struggle with getting your luggage up on your car roof anymore. Use a step stool to help you reach, while having some other member of the family hand you the suitcases and you will be done and on the road in no time. 5. To hang Christmas lights on the outside of your house. Tired of being the only house on the block without festive lights at holiday time? Now you can get those lights right where you want them. Simply use a step stool to reach the tops of doors and windows as well as porch railings and archways. As you can see, these are only a handful of the ways in which you can use step stools to make your everyday life and chores easier to manage. The next time you face a difficult job, be sure to consider the ways a simple step stool could help you out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: