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Outside the screen of the five different – the rule of law – People’s network Kang Kang pray forgiveness. Data released in September 30th, the Mekong River action to become a hot film of the eleven holiday audience. As a special audience, the reporter watched the film at the premiere. It is said to be "special audience", because the reporter who participated in Kham handover, escorted home, the court verdict, the case of the case reports, has repeatedly interviewed the special operations team leader Gao Gang of the prototype, Ministry of Public Security Bureau narcotics, Liu Yuejin, and the ad hoc group members. According to the reporter after the interview, sorting out the 5 aspects of the film and the reality is different, for the reader can truly understand the "behind the scenes details of the Mekong River action", also can understand the hardships and pay narcs. Just past October 5th is "the Mekong massacre 5 anniversary, we never forget the 13 China crew wrongfully killed, also paid tribute to the handling of the anti narcotics police. The 1 crew were killed before reversing the secret was framed by drug trafficking crime to provide key points of fishermen in October 5, 2011, two Chinese merchant ships in the Mekong River Basin of Golden Triangle attacked the ship 13 China crew were killed, and found 900 thousand grains of drugs in the boat. After the tragedy, the Thailand media quoted the Thai military statement said China two merchant ships to transport drugs, so the fire. For the "massacre" and the description of the police is to discover and reverse the truth of the massacre, probably due to the film length, the film made relatively simple. At the end of 2012, when he was in the Thai Embassy police liaison officer Wu Jianmin told reporters revealed more details of the reversal of the massacre. Wu Jianmin said, shortly after the massacre, the Thailand police informed him. At that time, some of the news has been overwhelming, unfavorable for Chinese crew. After the incident, Wu Jianmin specially arrived in the Mekong river field survey, and through various channels to understand the case. A local fisherman told him some doubts, such as the incident should go deep to prevent the two ships stranded in shallow water on the ship was uncharacteristically walked, repeatedly heard gunshots and also because the drug occurred gunfire is inconsistent, "because the drug should be a burst of gunfire exchanged fire". Wu Jianmin will report these anomalies to the Ministry of public security, immediate attention. The Ministry of public security officials rushed to Thailand investigation, and finally found the truth of tragedy. Originally, after Burma’s military has Chinese to attack Western merchant requisition Meng waxy Kang Organization headquarters, killing and injuring a part of the people, let the waxy Kang grudge, decided to retaliate Chinese merchant. Waxy Kang and Thailand individual illegal military partnership, by the organization of Kham hijack ships, put the drugs into the boat frame, the crew tied him to the waters of Thailand, and then by the Thailand military seized. Waxy Kang group reached the purpose of revenge, Thailand individual illegal meritorious soldiers reached the purpose. After that, the Thailand military in individual illegal kingsone terminal, to provide convenience for waxy Kang who access, you can also sell some guns and ammunition to the waxy Kang group. According to the post waxy Kang hand Weng Mie who confessed that they hold the AK47 submachine gun, 9 mm rifles and other weapons, the two in)相关的主题文章: