First domestic! Beijing zoo visitors feed animal was fined

First domestic! Beijing zoo animal feed was fined tourists indiscriminately Legal Evening News (reporter Geng Xueqing) National Day holiday seven days, Beijing zoo welcomed 450 thousand tourists at home and abroad, the number of visitors to the park on the peak of up to 95 thousand. Feed the animal to indiscriminately tourists uncivilized behavior, during the long holiday this year, the Beijing zoo has a total of 4 tourists indiscriminately fed out of the ticket is the phenomenon of public media reports, the country for the first time to feed the animal visitors indiscriminately fine situation. The end of the holiday more animals suffering from holiday disease Beijing zoo a total of 465 kinds of animals, only a large number of species, the number of large, in the country and even the world can be ranked in the forefront of the 6666. During the holidays, Beijing zoo will be the influx of many tourists, tourists bring their own food to feed the animals when the situation occurs. Heightening the glass enclosure, warning signs, increase the whole garden workers to persuade holidays…… Regardless of the hardware or software, the Beijing zoo has done a lot of effort, but still can not stop the number of visitors to the animal "too much love" — Hello indiscriminately. "Under normal circumstances, the zebra discharge of feces is molded, and now discharged directly after a beach." The Beijing zoo keeper Wang Chong told reporters late law, according to his observation, from 6 many zebra feces can be seen, zebra has appeared diarrhea and other symptoms. The usual food to dry, but the tourists feeding is generally green vegetables, carrots and other water containing a large amount of food. Beijing zoo veterinary hospital experts said, the vast majority of animal like humans cannot know enough not to eat things, as long as the tourists feeding will eat, day after period and after many were feeding the animal will easily suffer from "holiday", for indigestion, bloating, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases. The holiday out of 4 tickets this year the Fed released during the National Day holiday, Beijing zoo, the law enforcement team out of a total of 4 tickets to feed indiscriminately. According to relevant provisions of the "Beijing Parks Ordinance", commissioned law enforcement Beijing zoo, Yuyuantan Park, Beijing Municipal Park in Beijing City Landscaping law enforcement departments in 2014. The "Beijing Parks Ordinance", intimidation, vote, or hurt the animal feeding animal feeding, in order it to make corrections, and can be more than 50 yuan at 100 yuan fine; if losses are caused, it shall bear liability for compensation, which constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. The reporter saw, the four tickets in three locations in the penalty area, a zebra in a time zone on the west side, in the afternoon 14:30-15:50 tourists during peak hours, the penalty amount is $50. Beijing zoo law enforcement team Yang Bo, the first time that the tourists feeding animal, the law enforcement team will take enforcement side while shooting discouraged, when once again found that the same person feeding, the law enforcement team will take enforcement record a fine, four tourists were punished after seeing will recognize the error in the lower limit, the amount of punishment. Tourists feed indiscriminately ignoring the warning heard to fine leave fine measures on how to feed the blast off phenomenon? October 6th at 15 o’clock in the afternoon, the Legal Evening News reporter visited the Beijing zoo. In africa.相关的主题文章: