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Famous classics "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" will board the big screen Wei Fan for "the character appeared – Beijing, China News Agency, Tangshan, September 22 (reporter Gao Kai) Dragon TV in 22 days here announced that the China classic culture classics masterpiece" Fan4 jin4 Zhongju "to the big screen, the famous actor Wei Fan starred in Fan Jin have been identified said," with the character appeared, and the film adaptation of the creative representation will fully respect the original, the main story "do not disruptive adjustment". "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" is a satirical novel of Qing Dynasty novelist Wu Jingzi’s creation, an excerpt from "the scholars". Through the description of a van to take part in the imperial examination in the imperial examinations for depicts Fan Jin joy crazy image. With the family, the neighborhood around before and after Fan4 jin4 Zhongju very distinctive attitude control change depicts the epididymitis trend, and good fortune in the career of keen social atmosphere, the characteristics of society and its dark time on the irony. The movie "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" adapted from the classic, hope to reshape. One of the scriptwriter Li Tingting in an interview with News Agency reporters said that as the classic textbook selections, "Fan Jin," the story is known to all, "we will not be disruptive to adjust itself in the adaptation of the story, this is a classic, the characters and the story, the details are very exciting this time, it will be the big screen, on the basis of respecting the original characters, we combine some of the current hot spots, hoping this slightly old story with the audience closer, so that the whole movie content more abundant fullness". The movie "Taoist mountain", Wei Fan from the big screen for a year. We have starred in "I am not Pan Jinlian", "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju", Wei Fan said 2016 will be a year of their pay and harvest. The novel fan is one of the imperial examination system and the high official positions and riches of the typical image of martyrdom entranced. Born in 1962, Wei Fan said he would be "character in", "on the one hand with my fan into the very young, I also like a timid pedantic, speaking of mortals are difficult to get rid of high official positions and riches". Chupin argued in the film dragon film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" into a "phenomenal" classic. Wei Fan said, "we China comedy movie has developed rapidly in recent years, I feel very lucky, but also feel should be more careful, keep awe, this" Fan4 jin4 Zhongju ", I will carefully and do our best in the creation". (end)相关的主题文章: