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Spirituality Out of the 12 Zodiac signs each Zodiac sign tells something about the personality traits of people. Sagittarius Zodiac sign starts from 22nd of November to 21st of December. The Symbol of Sagittarius Zodiac sign is half animal and half man. The upper part of symbol shows warrior or hunter whereas lower part indicates horse. The .bination of both the parts indicates the search of knowledge so the person who borns under this sign has a desire of travel and learning. Sagittarius people prefer to live independently and run free. They always do their work with full of concentration and they continue their effort on work till it will not get finished. Some more descriptions about Sagittarius are mentioned below: If we discus about their physical traits then they have good height with well developed physique. Sagittarius born people have brown or dark hair, hazel eye and bushy eyebrow so the color like red, brown and all shades of purple suits them a best. They are fond of learning and traveling, charitable and good hearted. As per the astrology horoscope of Sagittarius, they have strong character. They have the quality of affability, courtesy and dependability. Sagittarius people are always ready to help those who need. Usually they are very good in sports and can be the best coach or player. Sagittarius relationship and Love: Sagittarius born are straightforward and sincere in love. Their marriages and long term relationship are always seen successful. They prove to be concerned parents and faithful spouse. If we talk about Sagittarius women then they are more generous than the Sagittarius men. They have deep love for their love one and put .plete effort to make successful. For this they can scarifies everything. Sagittarius profession: As per the Sagittarius horoscope , Sagittarius people are good and loyal to their work. They do not like to take rest till their works will not get finished. These people are usually getting success in business. They are intellectual and over minded. They keen to learn and know about other people and thing and they always try to understand others so they are trustable. Sagittarius born people are friendly and spirited. They are wonderful storyteller and very good in conversation. Due to their fond of travelling nature they are good in travelling related jobs and advertising. Sagittarius health: Sagittarius people can suffer from rheumatism and sciatica. They must need to concentrate on their diet. It is so because overeaten may give birth to many diseases in case of Sagittarius. They are prone to injuries and accidents so be aware. So, if you want to know more about Sagittarius their life, future, uncertainties etc then you can visit to MY horoscope astrology. Their renowned astrologers are best in terms of astrology horoscope services and reading about various 12 Zodiac signs. Along with the above mentioned Sagittarius horoscope they also provide other Zodiac signs prediction too. They also have a good name in providing the treatment or solution of life basic problems which generally people have to face. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: