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Express little brother and electric rub was riding a man stabbed three knife – Sohu news original title: Xi’an express little brother and electric rub was riding a man stabbed the reporter Intern Wang Jiaxin Zhang Jie "dream start to pay anyway, he must be responsible for their own behavior." Yesterday, the 25 year old Liu was stabbed by the love of Liu Xiao Zhao, looking at lying in bed, still weak husband said. Liu’s sister, brother and other relatives also came from Binxian County, they did not understand, one is not serious rub why let Liu caused 3 stab wounds, to escape the perpetrators can be punished. Two cars rub sword wounding after driving escape in September 20th at 4 pm, BES Express courier company Liu riding a tricycle to Xi’an Ninth Hospital delivery. He walked along the second ring road traveling from west to East, arrived at the hospital door, a car is pulled into the gate of the hospital ambulance, in order to avoid the car, Liu quickly will own three North flashed, but followed by electric cars have hit a tricycle. According to Zhao, the tricycle rear right side was rub, there are a number of cracks. "I see the electric car ride is a middle-aged man, he never asked me if I die?" Liu lying in bed with a faint breath said. He said that under their own tricycle, electric cars to walk a few steps, ask "do you want to do," said the other party should be a curse, he turned to a tricycle. Liu also thought that the man hit him from behind, until the body was found bleeding, it was realized that the man stabbed himself from the back with a dagger. "The man just added a foot oil to run, I chase 50 meters." Xiao Liu said. The witnesses captured video, China Daily reporter saw the injured assailant turned to stall Liu, who has been a white T-shirt back half blood red, a middle-aged man with short hair, and fierce more than and 40 years old, dressed in white coat and grey trousers, body shape is thin, the electric car covered with a purple umbrella. According to his wife Zhao introduced Liu was sent to the emergency room caring people, after 4 hours of surgery, the wound will be handled well. The vehicle will express to the police after the emergency room in the BES Express company attaches great importance to the matter morning, China Daily reporter saw Liu in ninth inpatient hospital, he was lying in bed, who stuck oxygen tube and catheter. According to the lover Zhao introduced, Liu still can not eat after surgery, has been provided by the infusion of energy. Liu looked very weak, a lot of effort to speak, said a few words, but the reporter interviewed, he nodded or shook his head. "Fortunately, Liu was in no danger." Xiao Zhao said. According to the director of the Department of thoracic surgery Ninth Hospital Wang Wensheng introduction: "3 wounds Liu respectively in supraspinatus, left axillary midline sixth ribs, eleventh ribs on the left waist, thanks to the second knife on the bone, third knife if go deep needling 1 cm, it may hurt the colon and kidney, it is more dangerous." It is understood that the hospital for further treatment of Liu Haixu. Morning, Liu took office 3 east station BES Express responsible person Mr. Wang again.相关的主题文章: