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Exploration, expansion and challenge: Decathlon into China for thirteen years, have a good time? In early 2016, China’s sporting goods market spent many years of winter, opened an orderly way of recovery. A strong rebound in the domestic brands at the same time, the international big names are rosy. In this highly competitive market, there is always such an unusual way to go brand. In 2003, Decathlon, the French sporting goods retail group quietly into china. Not looking for celebrity endorsements, not involved in sports sponsorship, even for brand promotion, Decathlon is also taking the most chastity entity advertising. Even so, from a business point of view, this collection of research and development, production, logistics, retail in one of their own sports brand, in recent years in the development of China is quite worth pondering. Known as the sporting goods industry "IKEA" Decathlon, is how to China another way in the market? 13 years into China, to set sail from The climate does not suit one. it is understood that from the beginning of the last century in 90s, Decathlon began to producers who came to China, and in 2003, Decathlon opened its first store in Shanghai – standard concept stores in Shanghai and China, officially entered the market China. So Decathlon Shanghai flowers shop originated in France in the family business, Decathlon’s original brand concept and business model is the slow pace in Europe experience consumption. In the Chinese market location standard in the first store, Decathlon will have to detour.   according to the ecosystem (ID:Eco_Sports) industry information, Decathlon standard concept shopping site has more uniform standard: the surrounding road network, convenient public transportation, shopping malls convenient shopping malls; strong visibility, a striking sense in the main channel and secondary roads and parking lot entrances to the plot and the business area; the requirements, establish the monomer standing mall. In addition, Decathlon also need to set aside a certain area outside the mall space, for the surrounding residents, and is equipped with free parking lot. Obviously, the selection criteria at the time of the Chinese encountered no small problem in the suburban areas first-tier cities choose convenient transportation open expensive, high rent instantly improve the cost of the product, the main cost line of Decathlon in a dilemma. In fact, the next Decathlon can reduce its stores, Shanghai and the first Decathlon store in the early, covers an area of only 2000 square meters. Meet Decathlon into China’s more than this, China audience consumption habits, also let them eat some bitterness, half in the location far away from the city suburbs, partly because European consumers are accustomed to the family as a unit, over the weekend to travel by car purchase, but in the Chinese, consumers more accustomed to the integrated shopping mall in the vicinity of the finished eating, shopping, leisure and a series of consumer demand. Decathlon early hard directly reflected in the slow pace of expansion in 2011, Decathlon has entered its eighth year Chinese, nationwide only thirty-four stores. The huge difference in the market environment so that the company’s exploration journey full of thorns. So the European Decathlon mall, are located in the nearby suburb roads but after that?相关的主题文章: