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Experts say the future "robot brothel" will stop the illegal sex trade experts pointed out that the sex robot will be the best alternative to prostitutes, along with the robot of artificial intelligence technology upgrading, sex robot will form a more subtle relationship with the owner. Tencent, science news, according to the British Daily Mail reported, has appeared in science fiction movies some human robot sex story, present a new survey statistics show that 28% of respondents think that robots will be a new experience of sexual stimulation. At the same time, expert analysis report, 2050 robots with human sexual behavior than normal human sexual behavior is more common, the possible future of "robot brothel" will block the spread of diseases and infections of the illegal sex trade. An academic expert pointed out that the "robot brothel" or will change the human nature of the industry, instead of prostitutes, to prevent sexual slavery and illegal sex trade. National University of Ireland Galway lecturer John Danahe (John Danaher) believes that sex robot will be the best substitute for human prostitutes, they can meet different sexual needs, reduce sex constraint and the emergence of various complex situations. At present, the robot technology is very advanced, they can better establish emotional relationships with customers, sex robots will be very "real", they do not need to pretend to be adult prostitutes. At the same time, Danaher stressed that the use of sex robots will help combat sexual slavery crimes and illegal sex trade. Recently, the British survey authority statistics website "VoucherCodesPro" on the 2816 and 18 year old sexually active, ask whether they are willing to have sex with the robot at the same time, the researchers asked to have sex with robots respondents occur sex relationship motive robot. The results showed that 72% of the respondents said they think that sex robots will be "very good" sexual behavior; another 28% of the respondents said that this will be a new experience of stimulation. Pearson Pearson (Ian), the latest research report pointed out that in 2050 the human and robot sexual behavior will be more common than normal human behavior. In the future, people will think of the sex robot as a luxury car like life, will take into account the appearance and function of sex robots, and then make a purchase decision. Most people will be happy to buy sex robots, they think that sex robots more attractive, more sexy, some people may be curious to buy them. Based on the advanced artificial intelligence technology as well as the perfect function, the sex robot may become one of the family members, and the master to establish a subtle emotional bond. Pearson said that the main purpose of some people buy sex robot is to meet the demand, after some people realize sex robot has a certain appeal, however, these robots are very attractive in sex, smart, sexy robot and human sexual behavior will be more common. The network of toy retailer Lovehoney founder Neal – Silatefute (Neal Slateford) also believes that the future will become a mainstream sex robot, he said: "sex robot technology is constantly upgrading, early sex.相关的主题文章: