Expert the property market golden nine silver ten normal bubble-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Expert: the property market "golden nine silver ten" normalized bubble blowing the autumn, the weather becoming cooler, but the extent of the real estate market is still hot. According to statistics, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential average price rose for the 15 consecutive month. In September, the real estate industry in the traditional "golden nine silver ten" will continue? For real estate developers, local government and real estate investors, of course, hope that the real estate market "golden nine silver ten" again. The first half of sustained high prices, the "golden nine silver ten" seems to have been normalized. This normalization will continue to inflate the real estate market bubble, high risk behind it is probably anyone unwilling to bear. The current real estate market is the three major problem is very clear. First of all, a lot of city housing prices continued to rise, especially first-tier cities housing prices more and more high, the psychological price is far lower than the market price of the consumer market will be excluded, so the entire housing market into a market led investment. On the other hand, the rise in prices is expected in turn will also stimulate the ability of investors into the market, which is why prices are rising, more speculative investors entering the real estate market, the sale is one of the important reasons for the prosperity of the. Secondly, housing investors of housing prices is expected to strengthen with the central bank’s low interest rates, low down payment and other preferential credit policies are closely related. The housing investors think the loose credit policy will not want to miss this opportunity to make money, so we must do everything possible to enter the market. The result of this credit policy is that the vast majority of bank credit funds in the first half of the way through the mortgage loans into the real estate market. In addition, housing investors and domestic banks will also predict, since the credit easing, so in this policy encouragement, not short-term possibility of falling house prices, investors also have the courage to bank loans to buy housing, but also to bank loans to property buyers. This two-way impact, the city will push up the price of the higher, resulting in the current prosperity of the real estate market. In this context, is expected to hot the golden nine silver ten continues. Once again, the current price rise is expected to be strong because of the government’s real estate regulatory policy and uncertainty. Regulation and control policy is mainly manifested in the ambiguity of the current domestic real estate market, but the policy is not obvious. In July 26th, for example, the central bank made it clear that it would curb asset bubbles, but there is no detailed explanation of the asset bubble. The current Chinese market is not only a variety of assets, but also the degree of asset bubbles are different. However, due to the government documents are not clearly defined and defined, then the government’s functional departments and local governments in the city can be based on their own needs. For example, for the current real estate market bubble, although the extent of the bubble in various cities have a certain degree of difference, mainly due to credit easing and housing tax incentives and other comprehensive factors. If we want to curb the domestic real estate bubble, it is necessary to tighten credit policy, and the abolition of housing tax incentives. Domestic real estate regulatory policy uncertainty refers to the local government in order to cope with the central suppression of the real estate bubble, the first half of the housing prices rose too fast.相关的主题文章: