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Exclusive: Global 20 ranked first in the United States and Europe and Russia shipped behind Sohu military channel first pages in the production of transport: the production of transport transport 20 ranked first [Abstract] 20 at the Zhuhai air show will attract intensive display of many countries in the world look; now Russia is still doing a Doyle 476, with almost 20 tons of goods, the in the design of it when there is a mistake, now the machine body is too complex, it did not move, power plant changed, capacity has improved, and therefore it must suffer 20 compared it ranked second in this regard, 20 should be in the front row. November 1, 2016 – 6, Eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai City, more than and 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions participating, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of more than and 900 active duty weaponry will be unveiled. Sohu military on the majority of users are most concerned about the development of domestic weapons and equipment, inviting many military experts to interpret for friends. Moderator: not only the people’s Liberation Army Bayi aerobatic team, and the Russian warrior swift mixed fleet and RAF red arrows and Pakistan JF-17s, are very worthy of our expectations, we will contribute to a visual feast. This year there is a very famous airshow is the concept of "20 series", in addition to just Fu teacher mentioned the 20 fighters, 20 is also very worthy of our expectations, 20 again this year unveiled at the Zhuhai air show is what special significance? Fu Qianshao: shipped 20 officially listed this year, the air force to become one of our support equipment. This large aircraft development is very difficult, few countries in the world can be transported to R & D, we sent 20 Heaven, overcome so many difficulties, China past did not engage in such a large aircraft, large aircraft structure design and manufacture, this is a very difficult thing to do a lot of the experiment. Such a large aircraft to use a variety of different materials, we count the general Aluminum Alloy materials, composite materials, titanium alloy, aluminum Aluminum Alloy materials, these materials or the body, it is the material used for system engineering is very complicated, including ordering experiment, assembly of these great effect. Since it is engage in the models, be sure to do a lot of work, to some foreign research and development of more than 16 such as Iraq, with a new airfoil, it also increases the system is very complex, push type double slotted flaps, similar to the now large aircraft design, if in the future have the opportunity to fly. Sit on the edge of the wing wing can see the landing process is how to put down, a very complex thing, it is not easy to get out. In addition, the power system, and its control system, but also by telex operation technology, and the aircraft avionics system, even less complex than fighter fighter. Now the general military data bus, a data bus No. two side, put all the information together and for different equipment to use, resource sharing. It is the basic avionics network, the body is so big, but in the future to carry heavy things, may be the main battle.相关的主题文章: