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Excellent parent: you can’t raise me for a lifetime, why was I spoiled? – there is a news television Sohu a few days ago in the mother: a mother bear bitter hardships raised his son, the son graduated from university soon after work. However, he often quit less than a month, always complain about the heavy workload, early in the morning to get up at night to work overtime, too bitter, too tired, can not stand. For two years, his son to stay at home, or go online to play computer games, either with the mother is not much salary to the community recreation time. For the mother of the accused, he What one says is plausible. said: "if you can’t feed my life, why I grew up on so spoiled?" After the program aired, a lot of parents into deep thinking, their own home is not such a potential crisis? When I was young, the old people told us: "do not eat a small loss to suffer a great deal, do not eat bitter bitter." That is to say, a child at a young age, eat a little bitter, encountered some difficulties, is a good thing, if we are afraid of children suffer, and bear the responsibility of the child, although away crying and entanglement of children, has deprived children cultivate good character and self development ability, which is great harm. We always say that the children are not sensible, but do not know because we are too good to protect, do not let them sensible. In order to let the child from Xiao Ming reason for others to understand their parents, they should let their children eat a little bitter, let them know the suffering of the world, know how to cherish understanding. Most of today’s children are very clever, but most of them failed to achieve the desired success in the end, because of their lack of willpower, lack of persistence in the end of the spirit. Children and adolescents are the basic stage of life, parents consciously create some conditions for children to carry out hardship education, it is very important, it is necessary. "Hardship" is a kind of psychological endurance. How to let the child endure hardship, what kind of suffering? Collect and summarize the following points, and parents to share. 1, parents should have the awareness to let the children suffer such as children learn to walk, don’t always hold her heart, parents can be found by parents who always helped children learn to practice walking walking takes longer time than those who go to practice the children spend time. The child was three years old, took to the streets to let him help you carry things; the children at the age of five or six, let him sweep clean the table and tell him how to save electricity, but also can teach them to clean their room; the children go to school, tell them some simple safety knowledge, they should they walk to school, from school back to him to save stationery expenses; the children after school, to the way he went to the farms to buy food, in order to reduce the pressure of the parents; the festival, let the children know the toilet wash, smelly and dirty is a part of life, let the child do menial work and hard work, they need to know their parents take care of the children; the middle school, to manage their own living expenses, so much money, only the cost overruns hungry; encourage children to participate in charitable activities, let They know the joy of giving!相关的主题文章: