Embarrassed! Four national football striker 3 games 0 goals to qualify an emergency by the WHO (vide-oboni

Embarrassed! Four national football striker 3 games 0 goals to qualify the [information] who ran the country foot home court 0-1 Syria Gu super attack errors in October 7th 12 strong sports gifts Tencent hearing before the 2 round of repeated loss of single Wu Lei pressed on the bench, Zhang Yuning Gao Lin played, but the game with Syria, the only country full array returnees Zhang Yuning did not become a savior, finally starting time and again Gao Lin also failed to score, although the second half substitute Yang Xu Wu Lei and Gao Lin formed the Trident, but failed to help the country foot knocking opponents of the city. The battle with Syria, Wu Lei, Zhang Yuning, Gao Lin and Yang Xulun had to battle, but signs of the country foot front incapable problem without the slightest change, the guest in the face of the Uzbekistan storm who need to win, for the Orangemen rattling? Change of attack! For Gao Lin, Wu Lei with South Korea and Iran showdown, Wu Lei consecutive missed pole, but in club football is declining, and the Syria game, Gao Hongbo Wu Lei pressed on the bench, Gao Lin won 12 finals for the first time starting opportunity. But in Hengda "Hello cake king", to the national team but did not play, Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning in the process and no threat to the city of Syria. Unable to obtain the goal has become a major problem of the national football game, Chinese team won only 8 chances to shoot, to know the face of Syria is a China team must win game. The offensive end only contributed so embarrassing data, want to take the opponent and easier said than done. Although the response to public opinion, Gao Lin replaced Wu Lei in the starting line-up, but received no imagination in effect until fifty-third minutes by Syria to break the deadlock, Gao Hongbo had to go. 4 strikers took turns, the Orangemen still hard to score fifty-seventh minutes, Wu Lei replaced Zhang Yuning, sixty-third minutes, Yang Xuti Yu Hai, in the last half an hour of time, Gao Jun’s switch to the 343 storm, Gao Lin, Yang Xu and Wu Lei three arrows. Although from the scene, the attack has been changed, there are a lot of cooperation between the 3 strikers in seventy-first minutes, Wu Lei Zhise restricted, Gao Lin first shot failed, Yang Xu is trying to find a place when opportunities, in stoppage time, Yang Xu and Gao Lin continuous relay header, but not the ball into the opponent. Kongmen. 4 strikers took turns, the result is the result of 0-1. Even more embarrassing is that the 4 strikers did not kick hit the door frame of the door in the game, let the fans worried that the striker in the only 4 will be available. Although Dong Xuesheng and Xiao Zhi also has a good ability, but the former club in the prolific period of time is completely dependent on foreign aid to contain the opponent defense, Xiao Zhi header Kung Fu is good, but the scoring efficiency is relatively low. In addition to Gao Lin, Zhang Yuning, Yang Xu and Wu Lei, on the offensive end no other striker for Gao Hongbo pick. 2 home court 0 goals, the first round away with South Korean striker misfiring contest, Yu Hai and Hao Junmin scored two goals for the team in the face of the country foot 0-3 behind the case, the first play Wu Lei missed two pole of the opportunity, the game was questioned, Gao Lin just came off the bench in a minute, not too much eye-catching performance. Back to the Lord相关的主题文章: