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Elvis Tsui is similar to " Thor " do play users: The Golden Lion Vu – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, according to Taiwan’s "Chinese times" news, "Thor" Chris Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth) was friends found looks like Hong Kong star Elvis Tsui, Chris a few months ago to Singapore run propaganda, informed of the matter, also take PS the "Thor" poster for his identification, let him laugh can stand each other mutual authentication. And Elvis Tsui also with "Heroes heavy hero" to respond, let the Asian fans good excited, shouted to two class people of God can practice the conversation, now a video game company to help everybody dreams, then all the desired picture appeared! The role played by the general impression of Hong Kong star Elvis Tsui, invited to shoot ads for the game company Playstation VR, I heard the two stars manufacturers wish, really let Elvis Tsui wearing a red shirt as gold wig, Saul, have also taken "quake", at the same time marked "you most look forward to the picture", let users see a good surprise, admiration: "casting you too in place", said the reduction degree is high, "the official death people (Coser), more people joked:" Thor is not played by Elvis Tsui?". The appreciation I still find bursting point in perfection, have said Elvis Tsui Thor look, reminiscent of his "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" as the "The Golden Lion" Jason, a call "Vu", joked: "are you? The Golden Lion, your eyes cured? Not to kill Chen Kun, change to promote law ".相关的主题文章: