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Elderly tourism standard for managing the implementation of elderly groups with the doctor to charter a special train new network – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Luo Lei) the National Tourism Administration approved the release of the "travel elderly tourism service standards" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") from September 1st onwards, the elderly travel has a special product brand and service standards. Elderly tourism market is huge, but in fact, the elderly tend to face the embarrassment of travel, there is no special product brand and service standards. Not because of age is too big and no children to eat cold-shoulder treatment, is due to slow reaction is slow and the tour guides and disgusted". What is more, some of the higher risk of tourism projects and even lead to casualties. In order to solve these "disease", the travel agency is ready to take that? One bright spot: that old man offered shall not refuse the "norm", refers to the age of elderly tourists in more than 60 years of age (60 years) of the consumers, and clearly could not be restricted to tourists, and shall not refuse the elderly s. However, the "norm" is also mentioned in the tour should be communicated with the insurance company insured age limit travel accident insurance, the elderly tourists collecting detailed information, including personal health, communications, emergency contact information, elderly tourists should sign, 75 years of age or older tourists should be invited to direct adult the best of the adult family member sign, accompanied by family members. Highlight two: old age group with the doctor "standard" train charter also requires emergency aid should be selected with the physical business skills, understand the general medical knowledge, with at least 3 years of experience and meticulous work, guide patient tour guide and the whole delegation service. Charter, boat, train travel and more than 100 of the elderly tourist group should be equipped with accompanying doctor service. Highlight three: no more than 2 hours by car "standard" requirements, should be selected in line with the elder tourists body condition, suitable for elderly tourist attractions and sightseeing, entertainment and other activities, should not arrange high risk or high intensity of tourism projects. In addition, "the old man for the car ride time should not exceed 2 hours, each of the spots should be plenty of time to visit, and visit the continuous time should not exceed 3 hours, the train should arrange seats overnight or ride in a row for more than 8 hours should be advised to arrange a lower berth sleeper, etc.". Insiders: the elderly tour line or price for the elderly tourism GB, some travel agencies that the implementation of the difficulty and conflict, and some travel agencies are actively responding to the implementation of norms. Canton brigade staff said that this specification is specifically targeted at the elderly group, the general team did not affect the current operation of the elderly group has been carried out in accordance with the norms. While engaged in a major tour of the province travel agency official said, after the introduction of the "norm", no changes in the operating process, the implementation of the "standards" also need to meet all aspects of the scenic area. There are people in the industry said that due to the new regulations is recommended but not mandatory, the concrete implementation also requires multi parallel, if the strict implementation of the new regulations, bring cost pressures may give travel agents, do not rule out the relevant old tour prices possible. Tourism electricity supplier to deal with the art upgrade".相关的主题文章: