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El Nino or by winter North haze expert: this winter God does not help China Environmental Monitoring Center released today by the air quality forecast, 4 days before the national holiday, Tianjin south central and Northern Henan with mild to moderate pollution, severe pollution may occur in some areas, the primary pollutant PM2.5. Although in the night of October 4th, the air quality will be improved with the arrival of cold air. In the air quality forecast consultation experts cautioned that, the National Day holiday may be the harbinger of pollution this year’s autumn and winter air pollution, to achieve the blue sky standards, have strong emission reduction. The atmosphere of the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang Zifa said that many forecasting models have confirmed that the influence of El Nino, the autumn and winter of this year, China is expected to appear more southerly North characteristics, inversion of long time, static stability weather, the climate is not conducive to the spread of air pollution, easy to accumulate. Suggested that all localities should do a good job in advance early warning, increase the intensity of emission reduction. Monitoring data show that from January to August this year, Beijing, Tianjin and regional air quality continues to improve, the average concentration of regional PM2.5 59 micrograms cubic meters, down by 19.2%. In Beijing, for example, the first 8 months of PM2.5 average concentration of 63 micrograms cubic meters, down by 12.5%. This is very close to the State Council in 2013 issued the air pollution prevention action plan, the goal of Beijing in 2017 to achieve an average concentration of 60 micrograms of PM2.5 cubic meters. Department of environmental air pollution control official said that in January to August in Beijing over the average PM2.5 concentration decreased transcripts are closely related to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is promoting the key industries clean coal bulk operations, coal and other remediation measures such as iron and steel. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei provinces each year nearly 40 million tons of coal consumption, is an important source of atmospheric pollution in winter. From the beginning of this year, the three began in the urban and rural areas, villages and rural areas to promote the generation of electricity on behalf of coal to gas generation of coal, changed the north for a long time to cook with coal, heating habits. The first 8 months of data, and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region coal alternative process for the realization of the goal of the blue sky to lay the foundation, but the experts worried that the subsequent impact of El Nino this year, may make the efforts of the year greatly reduced. Earlier this year, some experts have predicted that El Nino will lead to China’s Yangtze River Basin and other parts of the summer flood season, similar to the situation in 1998. In fact, this summer, the Yangtze River basin to really hit by torrential rain turns attacks. Wang Zifa said that although the 1998 El Nino phenomenon caused by the flood of the river so many people remember, but in winter, the subsequent impact on northern China also suffered Nino air cold, severe haze. At present the research model predicted that this winter in the north of our country still is inseparable from the impact of El Nino, there may be more southerly, calm weather, weather the more than and 3 characteristics of inversion. Wang Zifa further explained that if the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region south winds, air quality is often worse; the inversion layer is low, easy to cause the accumulation of pollutants, it is difficult to spread; the calm weather, as long as the continuous in the north four or five)相关的主题文章: