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Either strong downward pressure on oil exports difficult to stop waiting for a buy signal – Sohu financial report bad soybean yield, soybean meal, soybean oil fell sharply affected by this. Although the fundamentals of soybean oil, palm oil, although there is support, but in the short term by the United States, the impact of a larger plate, the recent oscillation or down, investors should always be concerned about the timing of the rebound, ready to do more. Just after the Mid Autumn Festival, oil and beans plate to follow the United States have risen slightly. The U. S. exports difficult to block strong downward pressure on the United States Department of agriculture supply and demand report September shows that the new soybean yield per unit area yield of 4 billion 201 million bushels, 50.6 bushels, new inventory at the end of 365 million bushels of beans. Compared with the USDA8 monthly supply and demand report, new crop soybean yield of 48.9 bushels, soybean yield of 4 billion 60 million bushels to new, new ending stocks to 330 million bushels, huge increase. The United States agricultural information agency ProFarmer8 March 26 released the report, expected U.S. soybean yield of 49.3 bushels, output will reach 4 billion 93 million bushels, USDA9 monthly report also exceeded market expectations increase. In August the U.S. soybean growing pod filling stage key, La Nina caused by dry weather is expected to not come, so far, the U.S. soybean growth period are ideal weather. U.S. Department of agriculture crop growth report shows that as of September 11th week, the U.S. soybean growth rate was 73%, the previous week was 73%, compared with the same period last year was 61%, excellent rate remained stable and high level of the same period for the same period in 30 years. The excellent rate of growth data has not been given, excellent rate of growth data and weather conditions is an important indicator of the attention of the current U.S. soybean market. USDA released soybean export sales report shows that as of September 8th, when the week, the United States 20162017 annual net sales of soybean exports of 1018600 tons, compared with September 1st reported net sales of export data of about 1776800 tons, reducing about 760 thousand tons. Export sales or less to help us thrust upward during the mid autumn festival. Export inspection report shows that as of September 8th, the U.S. soybean export inspection volume of 948570 tons, compared with the previous week’s decline of 1232739 tons, compared to last year was 93308 tons, an increase of about 10 times. The United States Department of agriculture in September report shows Chen beans inventory of 195 million Po, in August reported a total of $255 million in the year of, the new soybean stocks for the top 365 million, in August reported a total of $330 million. Chen beans inventory pressure is small, but the export situation is good, a new high yield adjustment makes supply has exceeded demand, either downward pressure, or again the recent downward oscillation. Soybean oil, palm oil, there is still a rebound opportunity as of September 13th, the total domestic soybean oil business inventories of 1 million 180 thousand tons, compared with September 6th to reduce the amount of 1 million 200 thousand tons of 2 tons, a decline of 1.67%. From September 3rd to September 9th, oil soybean crush totaled 1533800 tons, compared with the previous week, a decrease of 52900 tons, a decline of 3.33%. Oil plant operation rate, reduce the oil business inventories in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the panel did not support oil prices continue to rise, the U.S. soybean bearish report caused the rise limited. According to Tianxialiangcang website statistics, the main oil refinery in china.相关的主题文章: