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Effective communication is the basis of successful human relations in any environment where man must interact with his peers. And although the term could be understood explicitly in what has to do with the spoken messages, effective communication involves a range of more complex elements. Effective communication is defined as the correct and responsible use of all elements and channels of communication.This means not sending conflicting or ambiguous messages to a person or group of people who dismissed the image and respect of the issuer. Effective communication involves four determinants in the transmission and proper assimilation of the messages we give: Face-to-face verbal language That involves words and influences the communication in 7 %, according to the NLP Neuro-linguistic programming science that studies the success. Face-to-face nonverbal language Involves the tone of voice and body language postures, gestures and body movements which according to NLP affects communication in the following percentages: tone of voice 38% and body language 55%. This part plays important role in good personal presentation given the context in which communication takes place. Not face-to-face verbal language Involves the words that a person speaks to another without being physically present using modern technology for communication such as telephones, webcams, etc. Not face-to-face nonverbal language Involves the tone of voice and body language postures, gestures and body movements made by a person with others making use of modern technology such as smartphones, web cameras, etc. But also with the actions that this person takes in favor or against another person or group of people. The effective communication like we see understands all the aspects previously described and needs that each one separately is weighed and carefully executed. Effective communication generally is associated with developing or using verbal and body language techniques for a particular person or public to capture or store the best message we want to convey. This would form a part of the aspects No. 1 and No. 2 that are the face-to-face verbal language and the face-to-face nonverbal language. Though this is it is correct and necessary to establish a good beginning in the effective communication, many persons omit or do not give many attention to the following elements: verbal not face-to-face language and Nonverbal not face-to-face language. In the case of languages: verbal and non-verbal face-to-face what is sought is that all elements of communication are consistent in giving the message. For example a person can speak well of a topic, without binding and with a good voice. However if he is speaking before a group of people the same person sweats and does not look at the audience in the eyes, his body language or nonverbal language transmits a total insecurity in what he is saying even if it is true. And the message does not hit people or bounce in most of them. Another stage is not nice when a person is trying to communicate an idea but he is thinking something different, which for example is seen in many vendors which at the beginning of the presentation of a product or service they are not thinking about genuinely helping the client but in closing the sale at all costs, which it is transmitted immediately by an interested, excessively complaisent or aggressive tone of voice and immediately the client resists buying the product. Though what more transmits in case of the communication presencial is not verbal as the language of the body, the gestures, the visual contact and the tone of the voice, this does not want to say that the words should be careless since it sees in persons who in simple conversations or speaking in public use canes, lock or stammer. Many persons send contradictory or ambiguous messages to their talkers, since with the words they say a thing but since they are thinking something different, unconsciously this demonstrates in his tone of voice, corporal language and actions that they betray his real intentions and in this way they lose total credibility. When communication is done in a non-contact manner using technological devices for voice and data or digital cameras weigh more the tone of voice and words although eye contact and attentive and interested expression face will do its part if you also use a camera web from a phone or PC. There are also a number of other elements that together with the previous are highly favorable to communicate effectively: Create harmony with the other part This involves really care about the tastes, needs, situations and problems that the other person has before talking about the same. And for that honest courtesy is the best tool for wondering about his life, his family, work, likes, etc. Listen carefully and then talk It exists in many human beings a innate tendency to dominate a conversation actively, namely talking about what interests them nonstop since the beginning of the encounter with another person and correcting the ideas that express talker. Which is a bad element for effective communication. You cannot do a monologue of a conversation between two people as this shows a total egocentrism also missing a highly valuable information that is obtained to listen to others experiences. To achieve this, the best thing is that rather than start talking endlessly about their own ideas and interests, to make intelligent questions to the interlocutor, and after hearing talk about their experiences and ideas first, and then express your own ideas and opinions. Avoid negative comments and denigrate other individuals or groups This is a central point within the effective communication. When a person spreads negative comments of others or other express immoderately to highlight a proposal or idea, it conveys a message of distrust in his public beacuse they cannot see the sender as an honest and upright person but as someone in which it cannot be trust and can will speak ill of anyone behind. By a way of comparison this is a business tactic used by bad sellers talking bad about their competition, commenting to their customers or prospects defects of other brands or companies which instead of creating trust and loyalty generate: doubt, mistrust and isolation of customers. Meet the need of logical arguments and emotions Decisions to human level are taken together. That is even generate positive emotions is something definitive to generate an agreement, a sale or a proposal to be accepted require adequate intellectual preparation to illustrate and to understand the meaning and the benefits of what we want to offer, but this is not done the result is a sabotage on the emotions of the people or people who listen to us, seeing no safety knowledge in what it is said will change rapidly their emotions of positive to denials. From interest and reception to doubt and rejection. Able to express ideas and proposals at the right time There is nothing worse than broadcast or transmit messages at the wrong time. For example in the case of an employee requesting a raise when his boss is stressed or the company goes through a difficult time. Another common mistake where this occurs is in love relationships during courtship when one part gets so excited for acceptance forcing the circumstances and get a no instead of yes. Avoid vulgar and obscene words This is one of the most dangerous in establishing effective communication points. Dirty jokes, swearing and vulgar remarks made by some to look nice and friendly to convey an idea, is a double-edged sword because it let see clearly that the speaker is an ordinary person who does not respect himself or others. His listeners if they are respectable and of values they can become the unmindful for the present time but they will isolate this person or will do the claim to him making him stay badly. In any case the person will lose his image and the good estimates he might have. Good personal presentation according to context Every environment demands an identical presentation to the situation. For example nobody goes the beach or to a swimming pool with suit or with winter suit. Nevertheless there are persons who penetrate into certain environments of intrepid and inappropriate form obtaining rejections for going in opposition to the social rules. This case is frequently seen in both traditional and virtual business where a person badly presented for the occasion want to convince his client or prospect about the benefits of any product or service with a poor image; unshaven in the case of men or a beard unkempt, smelly or bad breath, or athletic or casual attire while the other party wields a better presentation. Here are some useful tips to apply to the issue of effective communication: To improve your face-to-face verbal language: develop the habit of reading that will give you a better expression without hesitation, crutches and interruptions but complete transmitting through continuous words with confidence ideas. And do this especially on issues of human development, self-help and because this type of material will make you a better person and will develop in you the leadership, consistency and integrity. To improve your face-to-face nonverbal language: tone of voice that affects communication by 38% and body language that affects 55% need training and for this nothing better to learn from experts in speech that combine well the three elements: words, tone of voice and body language in their presentations. To facilitate this, learn of them with one of our recommended resources and apply in your life management techniques of voice and body language that will affect all environments where you unwrap and generate for you high profits at all levels: personal, family, economic and social. To improve your not face-to-face verbal language: pay attention to your words cultivating them through reading of recommended books. To improve your not face-to-face nonverbal language: insure yourself of training and perfecting your tone of voice and corporal language across the resources that we recommend to you. And additional act in a transparent way behind a person or group of persons who listen to you. Create harmony with people through the courtesy before talking about topics that interest you. I assure you that you will always be well received . Listen carefully to your partner, take an interest in him and make intelligent questions about their experiences, tastes and everyday situations. Avoid manipulate the conversation and correcting the ideas of others. Remember that the brain operates for decisions as a separate everything. The left hemisphere centered on the logic and arguments needs to provide it cold and direct information to learn and draw conclusions. And the right hemisphere is interested in emotions and creativity. Therefore according to your context of your receiver(s) provide information and enthusiasm logic or sobriety. Develops intuition and attentive to the signals of the situations before presenting your ideas. Be appropriate before submitting your ideas or requests. And if it is necessary to present your proposal lead to the person (s) to a new environment like a restaurant where they can relax and concentrate on what you have to tell them. Avoid negative comments about other people to gain credibility. Lose the image and respect to never recover them it is a question of doing it once, and you never know who will reach your comments, how you affect in the future and ears of who can get those words. Introduce yourself at all times and according to the context should be: business, pleasure, rest, exercise, etc. Go against social norms and displayed as rebellious or eccentric person is not an intelligent act to establish an effective communication and although it does not mean that everyone will reject, is a bad start in most environments and will make communication more difficult and tortuous. Communication to be effective must be genuine and coherent in its entirety, any inconsistency or falsehood will be detected later or earlier by receiver and result in sabotage of the message, which will create distrust, doubt and consequences can be unfortunate. Be sure to have an effective communication forward that your thoughts, words, tone of voice, body language, personal presentation and actions are one. For best results in practice, and expand the knowledge presented in this article visit us now at: .createglobalfuture../effective-.munication/ 相关的主题文章: