EDG coach Abu to understand the Ming Kai too few people currently do not need faker- Sina hero Leagu-meyou

Coach EDG Abu: after understand mikia too few people currently do not need Faker- EDG Sina hero alliance zone League World Series S6, EDG become a hot of the game player has been discussed, and the pilot plant Kai has also become the focus of attention of many game player. At the time of the German Marcia cup, EDG’s head coach, Abu, was interviewed by the media and analyzed the performance of the EDG club this year. Q: after the return of EDG, followed by the introduction of the German Cup tournament, as one of the year’s only large events, but also as a summary of the year, tell me about your summary of the EDG this year. EDG Abu: I think this year, the team made a lot of adjustments. Whether it is our management, or our educational system. In the spring season, there are a lot of team configuration is very strong, for example, RNG and LGD etc. these teams, therefore, our goal is to be able to spring into the finals on the line, and we also get a runner up at last. At the same time, in the spring we opened two new coach, the coach after the spring of the growth of the game, have a lot of harvest two. In such a case, we had a meeting on the night of losing the spring and set a goal to win the championship in the summer! So, the boss wants me to go back to being an executive coach, but I still want to train. Because, in the current Chinese gaming circles under this environment for EDG, certainly still need more coaching. Of course, if there’s a problem, I’m sure I’ll be back on the court. But when in the summer season we had many problems, such as Pawn and koro1 on the back, injuries and so on. So we have to be on the road back to Mouse again (this is a very cruel thing, for Mouse, he has experienced many changes on the position), in this case, we don’t really know what the summer season can reach the final goal, but we can do is to go step by step, effort the force. Fortunately, the rapid growth of the team, the new coach will soon grow up, then hit the WE may have been some small difficulties, but it also laid the foundation for our finals victory. But, maybe we all know that in the last year, EDG got 18 victories, but eventually lost to LGD. However, this year we got the victory of the season, we won the championship, is the first seed to qualify for the S series of glory. However, we do not have the slightest slack, we have higher demands on the team. We went to South Korea during the training, even in the United States, we have been keeping training, everything we do at the start of the previous very good. Including training results, our communication with other teams. Even, we did nearly 9 wins, including the three South Korean team. However, the first disc opener is let us some ignorant, afterwards I think is at the beginning of the BP may be a problem, may also have the ingredients in the enemy. Of course, in the first game of the world championship, the players play is not very good. But most.相关的主题文章: