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.puters-and-Technology Due to advancement in technology and inexpensive CDs and DVDs, the back up to DVD and CD media has be.e increasingly popular. The process of transforming is quite easy- the back up destination should be set to the DVD burner drive and run. The built-in burning engines will back up to DVD media by default, without the need of a third party driver. Using DVD backup software, it is possible to back up movies and videos, music, games, photos and data files with great speed and simplicity. There are many options to use the soft ware and can be customized according to an individuals need, using the various settings. It also has multilingual support to be used in many languages. If the UDF file system is to be used for packet writing, the "Advanced CD/DVD settings" should be selected. If the back up is more and does not fit into one DVD, the DVD back up software automatically spans over multiple media and the soft ware assigns a different label for each disc for easy identification. If the DVD device is not .patible with DVD back up soft ware, then a third party packet writing software can be utilized, instead of one of the built- in burners. For best results, the following points should be considered. To store consecutive back up versions, the same DVD should not be used-rather different DVD media can be used for each back up version. A set of DVD media can be rotated periodically because if the burn process fails, still the previous back up version is safely stored on a different disc. There is a limitation to the number of times a rewritable DVD media can be burned. If it is over- burned, errors frequently occur. The DVD back up software has provision to automatically test the back up data after burning. It is good to utilize this facility. The various features of DVD back up software are: Multiple copy modes: The whole data or a part of it with omissions can be done with multiple copy modes. Flexible source and target: It is possible to copy or burn from DVD disc, from DVD folder on hard disc, burn to DVD disc, copy to DVD folder on hard disc and many more. High .pactibity: DVD back up soft ware supports almost all single layer, dual layer DVD disc and burner. The copied disc can be played on both PC and stand-alone DVD player. Using back up software, the number of disc to be burned can be defined, the .pression rate can be manually adjusted and DVDs can be burned from the hard drive to blank DVD-R/RWs. Thus, the DVD back up software helps to save a lot of money by preventing buying the repeated DVDs and protecting the DVDs from scratches or loss. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: