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Duthel Te: the United States threatened to put me into the International Criminal Court – Sohu news "the United States to put me in the international criminal court!" President Duthel Te in Philippines local time on November 28th for his "shouting Western crackdown" on his threat. Western countries represented by the United States has repeatedly criticized Duthel Te after taking office on drug traffickers and drug sound "bloody repression", said the action does not respect human rights. According to the Philippines ABS-CBN television news network reported on November 29th, Duthel Te said in a speech: you threatened me to shut up? International Criminal Court? Fart! "Duthel Te said the United States" hypocrisy "threat of him, asked him to accept the international criminal court trial, but the United States has not signed the" Rome statute "joined the international criminal court. But Duthel Te did not know when the United States to say this. Duthel Te said: "why the United States does not sign? Because at that time (Note: the International Criminal Court was formally established in 2002), they fear that George W. Bush (the then U.S. president) will also be tried." Prior to this, Duthel Te also said it would withdraw from the International Criminal Court, because it is useless". U.S. State Department responded to Duthel Te’s speech on the 28 day, said he did not know any of the trial to be held in the latter’s remarks and actions.相关的主题文章: