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During pregnancy, pregnant with a hair, the baby teratogenic? Come on! Sohu maternal and child stare teacher, I am pregnant, a few days ago to do a hair, dyed under, and a little hot a little. Who knows that after coming home, her mother was very angry, and I had a quarrel, said dyed hair perm hair will let the baby teratogenic, abortion, said I sincerely do not want to have children… I was too much pressure, just want to do a hair to make yourself feel better… I am still in the cold war with her mother-in-law, I would like to ask, during pregnancy can not really dye hair perm? If you are pregnant, the baby will really cause it? The sister, come on, we talk with her mother. A good rationale for pregnancy, pregnancy, hot hair problems. You can prepare pregnant during the hot Hair Coloring prepared pregnant with hot Hair Coloring, exists "can" tangled, is nothing but worry about a situation not knowing, and go to the hot Hair Coloring, afraid of the medicine affect the baby. If you are sure that you are not pregnant, then it is not too much to dye the perm, not pregnant, you just like ordinary people, do not have a hair. But if you’re not sure if you’re pregnant, don’t go. Pregnancy is a very special period, it is possible that you have not yet known. The hot hair of the liquid is indeed a hazard, some chemicals may be absorbed through the scalp, spread to the fetus that there is a risk of teratogenic. Of course, this probability is very small. After the perm found his pregnant sister, do not have to worry too much. Former Union Hospital obstetrician Dr. Xu Yunyun said: the first 4 weeks of pregnancy perm problem is not big. Even after 5 weeks of pregnancy, hair dye, do a good job is a check, do not think too much divergent. In short, the preparation period, not to say that you can not perm hair, if you are sure that you can not be pregnant. Just for the sake of safety, it can be avoided. How long after the perm hair to the child… In fact, there is no mandatory requirements. As mentioned above, make sure you don’t get pregnant before you are a normal person… Well, the sisters are very cautious, "heard" perm perm chemicals in the body is difficult to be metabolized, it takes some time to have children. This is mainly to see the product, under normal circumstances, hair products in the chemical absorption into the body of the amount, very very little. But do you encounter is not qualified or more times hair products, it is a problem. Really want to be careful, that is, 3 months after the perm hair and then pregnant, it should be enough to complete the metabolism of the so-called chemical substances for 3 months. Although I personally don’t think it’s necessary… On pregnancy can be dyed perm like, can be free to avoid. Hot hair products in the chemical substances, not only may harm the fetus treasure, more likely to cause allergies. Pregnant mothers than ordinary people will be more prone to allergies, allergies are also more difficult to deal with. Hair products have a potential risk of sensitization, the whole pregnancy is best avoided. Pregnancy really want to perm hair, but also try to avoid the first 3 months of pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, the fetus is fragile and vulnerable to harmful substances. Pregnancy during pregnancy, hair coloring matters needing attention 1, the selection of qualified products with good quality hair! Must be safe, quality clearance. So)相关的主题文章: