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Durant’s scoring efficiency in NBA history what level like Adu playing just 18.4 shots of 2K- Sohu sports field can see 30.6 points, shooting 59% +42 three hits, and the 90% free throws, averaging 190 30.6+8.6+3.4 club, another 2.4 steals and 1.4 blocks. This score is not in the history of the number can be ranked? Three little is now an explosive character! KD is no solution to the big kill warriors can see that hard ball lies in the way students he was facing a few people are defense and anti catch (Westbrook anti catch?) Now is the vacancy or anti sheets in these games have several sit down and post remember the history of the NBA had four shots below 20 times scoring, which accounted for two of KD times. The other two seems to be traced back to 80s before take career, Durant averaged 19.1 shots, Jordan averaged 22.9 times, 3.8 times less, Durant is averaging 27.4 points, Jordan averaged 30.1 points, 2.7 points. Durant every shot to get 1.434 points, Jordan every shot to get a score of 1.314. Durant is definitely the first in the history of the break up, and do not have to start these small samples. The best basketball teaching platform, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: basketball skills (micro signal: nba096)相关的主题文章: