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Because copy medical records blocked   grass-roots court to the provincial hospital out of 100 thousand yuan ticket — Society — people.com.cn original title: because the grass-roots court blocked copy medical records to the provincial hospital out of 100 thousand yuan ticket today in Henan City Gulou District People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the "Drum Tower court") to a Henan Province People’s Hospital out of 100 thousand yuan ticket what city intermediate people’s Court of the Political Department of a staff member to the Chinese Youth Daily reporter? Youth online responded, "the case is pending, the two officers in the event of behavior, intermediate people’s court has launched a survey, is expected this week to publish relevant information society." Recently, due to the drum tower court staff to Henan Province People’s Hospital copy medical records failed, Gulou court of Henan Province People’s Hospital opened a 100 thousand yuan fine decision. Henan Province People’s Hospital refused to accept the decision, to the city intermediate people’s court for reconsideration. The two sides issued a statement on the matter, but there are many inconsistencies. Kaifeng intermediate people’s court immediately said in a public statement, has accepted the application for reconsideration, the proceedings will be held in accordance with the law. Henan Provincial Planning Commission Propaganda Department staff to Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporters will continue to focus on the matter, and urge the attention to the investigation of Henan Province People’s Hospital. The court evidence has blocked? On August 21st at 1:47 in the morning, Gulou court issued a statement on its official website said, the hospital and police officers in the process to obtain evidence in Henan Province People’s Hospital, verification of several obstacles are endless difficulties, for no reason to shirk, according to relevant provisions of the "civil law", to a fine of 100 thousand yuan to Henan Province People’s Hospital to prejudice the civil behavior. The statement said that the two police officers on the morning of August 19th, more than 10 points to the investigation and verification of the parties in the case of Henan Province People’s Hospital Liang Moumou for in-patient medical records of real materials. The hospital medical records staff to delay time to copy, and repeatedly call the phone contact with others. The hospital and police officers repeatedly urged and explained, but the medical record department staff still ignored. After two police officers to obtain complete formalities in the medical department and official words after 3 p.m. to once again rushed to the Department of medical records, but the medical record department staff also delayed for various reasons until 5 in the afternoon is not handled. But this argument but there is a big difference with the Henan Province People’s Hospital argument. The hospital on the evening of August 21st issued a statement on its official WeChat platform to respond, the hospital has always been active and active with the court law enforcement, there is no obstruction of judicial enforcement behavior. The hospital, according to a statement issued by the morning of August 19th, nearly 11 points, two plainclothes officer holding a letter of introduction to the court of the hospital medical record department, request copy medical records, and wants to check with hospital number and name Liang Moumou respectively and obtain medical records. The hospital staff after consulting the medical records found that the number of patients reported to be hospitalized for a two year old child, but visitors do not know the name of the child. The hospital said, for the sake of prudence, the staff did not immediately copy the medical records, but requires two people to complete the formalities, and to the medical record department of the medical department相关的主题文章: