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The old man fell two young drunken roadside camera to save the original title: two young old man fell to the ground after taking a picture to save new culture Jilin news (reporter Li Yang) in February 21st, in the vicinity of Jilin city light vehicle factory, an old man was confused, fell to the ground up, thanks to two teenagers will lift up his back he put on a coat. Jiangcheng 18 year old Wang Hangjian, recently won the opportunity to study in the United States, the 20 day he attended the classmate sister’s wedding, play quite late. 21, at about 1 in the morning, he drove the car with a freshman high school classmate Zhang Jiazhen back home in Beijing, passing near the Nanshan street light vehicle factory on the eastern side, found a man lying on the sidewalk on the snow. Wang Hangjian said that he was the first reaction is to run the throttle. However, ran about two minutes later, he felt very cold outside, afraid of people lying on the ground freezing, and then turn back. Wang Hangjian woke the sleeping Zhang Jiazhen, two young people were off to take a look, that is a drunken man lying on the ground, the beard has a large chest frost, vomit dirty also has turned into ice, the old man has been in a state of unconsciousness. "Touched, found his body was cold and hard, he thought not, what should we do when we are discussing, but suddenly found that he opened his eyes." Wang Hangjian said, although the old man opened his eyes, consciousness is not clear, speak not agile. Then there was a taxi passing by, stop go, but fortunately there are a couple of private car owners came to help." Wang Hangjian said, they are first to the surrounding took a picture, then take out down coat, private car owners in the couple help the elderly carried on the car. The old man had a warm in the car, began to wake up after only know that he drank too much, do not know how to get here, you don’t know where to ask the phone can not remember. Two young people call 110 alarm in the helpless situation. Jilin branch of Public Security Bureau of the Yangtze River Road police station after receiving the alarm, sent to the scene, inquire after the old man back to the police station. According to police reports, already more than 70 years old, the beginning is not remember the name and home address, until after a long time to remember the name. The police was informed by the household registration system is the residents of the area, with his family after the confirmation, the home safely. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

醉酒老人路边摔倒 俩少年拍照后救人   原标题:老人倒地 俩少年拍照后救人   新文化吉林讯(记者 李洋) 2月21日,在吉林市轻型车厂附近,一名老人犯了糊涂,摔倒在地上起不来了,幸亏遇到两个少年将他扶起,还给他穿上了大衣。   江城18岁的少年王行健,最近刚刚获得了赴美国留学的机会,20日他参加了同学姐姐的婚礼,玩得比较晚。21日凌晨1点左右,他开着车载着在北京读大一的高中同学张家祯回家,路过南山街轻型车厂东侧附近时,发现人行道上有一人躺在雪地上。王行健说,他当时第一反应就是加大油门快跑。不过,跑了大约两分钟后,他觉得外面挺冷的,担心躺在地上的人冻坏了,就又掉头回去了。   王行健叫醒了熟睡中的张家祯,两个年轻人战战兢兢下车前去查看,发现是一名醉酒老人躺在地上,胡须上已经结霜,胸前一大片脏兮兮的呕吐物也已经结成了冰,老人已处于无意识状态。   “开始摸了一下,发现他身上很凉还有点硬,还以为他不行了呢,我们正在商量怎么办的时候,却忽然发现他睁开了眼睛。”王行健说,老人虽然睁开了眼,意识却并不清楚,说话也不利索。“后来有出租车路过,停一下就走了,幸好有一对私家车车主夫妻过来帮忙。”王行健说,他们先是对着周边拍了照片,然后将羽绒大衣拿出来,在私家车车主夫妻的帮助下将老人抬上了车。   老人在车上暖和了一会,渐渐苏醒后只知道他喝多了,不知道怎么到这里了,问家不知道在哪里,问电话记不住。两个年轻人在无可奈何的情况下给110打电话报警。   吉林市公安局高新分局长江路派出所接到报警后,派人来到现场,问明情况后将老人带回了派出所。据民警介绍,老人已经70多岁了,开始的时候也是记不住名字和家庭住址,直到很长时间后才想起来名字。民警通过户籍系统查询后得知是辖区居民,同其家人确认后,将其安全送回家中。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: