Drops travel apology Liu Xiang said there are violations of commercial promotion-running man20130526

"Sorry Liu Xiang said" travel by commercial promotion of the existence of the infringement by travel today evening news release, the official micro-blog, WeChat official drops the article without the consent of Liu Xiang, using the game picture for brand promotion, for the infringement of apology. April 2015, issued a "# @ drops travel Liu Xiang retired # I track my bar!! the end of each paragraph, is the beginning of another, come on!" with micro-blog. Liu Xiang previously, Haidian court issued case letters, because that drops travel "released use the image picture of micro-blog in the official micro-blog, former Olympic champion Liu Xiang in the grounds of the portrait right" drops of travel "operating company to court, asked to delete infringing links and pictures, apology, compensation for the loss of 1 million 260 thousand yuan. Drops of apology micro-blog Liu Xiang believes "drops of travel" official micro-blog unauthorized, unauthorized use of the image, with commercial properties obviously, can easily make the public mistakenly believe that "there is a cooperation between the Department of Liu Xiang drops travel" or "drop spokesperson travel" caused Liu Xiang to suffer outside a lot of misunderstanding, so sue Beijing small orange Technology Co., remove the infringing links and pictures infringement immediately, and an apology, compensation for economic losses totaling 1 million 260 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: