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Don’t brush the phone! The 6 way to create a social network – divorce is known to be a social obsession. According to a 2010 survey by the American Association for the of Matrimonial (Lawyers), 81% of lawyers believe that the use of social networks can lead to an increase in divorce rates, according to a survey of Academy, American, and AAML. Recently, the Huffington post, the reporter interviewed a number of divorce lawyers, visit their customers, how the social network leads to emotional breakdown. 1, staring at the screen time, occupy two people face-to-face chatting about mobile phone brush before going to bed instead of life; and the social network of friends, acquaintances, or even just pay attention to communication between husband and wife instead promote feelings of sweet dialogue. We should not ignore the obvious fact that some of the little things and emotions that are related to Facebook can be a trigger for the two person relationship, which can hurt feelings. So, put down your cell phone, ask and listen to your partner’s life. — Randall M.Kessler 2, the couple in the online conversation object problem does not open if you and a long time no contact high school, university students like friends suddenly talk, but he didn’t tell you who is the other half, may provoke doubt. So be honest and tell TA what you do on social networking. Jason Levoy 3, because a relationship with a former boyfriend and girlfriend, your ex girlfriend will bring you back to the pure, only consider the final papers of the era. Some people begin to interact with their predecessors, email, text messages, make phone calls, and even start secret dates. Even if it does not make love, but still can cause irreparable damage to your marriage. Carla — Schiff Donnelly 4, by contrast, "others are happy marriage" Facebook friends may and the other half of the photo, smiling, coupled with a "dinner date". When you brush the social network, you will see too many "looks perfect" marriage, naturally will be compared with their own, more and more feel that their marriage has so many bad places. In fact, you only see a small part of the lives of others who are willing to share with others on Facebook. Instead of watching others than to show affection, for their happiness. Michael Aurit 5, do not put too much personal life details on the Internet do not put on the social network about your love and marriage details. First, your friends do not care about these details, the two is likely to cause distrust between the couple. What’s more, if you get divorced, it could be a risk. – Caroline Choi 6, single life seems to be interesting on the social network, you are single相关的主题文章: