Domestic oil prices are expected to fall 92 oil or drop 9 cents at 24 tomorrow.-footman

The domestic oil price is expected to meet the recovery of the international crude oil market, which is fourth down 92 oil or 9 cents, at 24. After the rapid rise of mid – and late 8 months, the international oil price has been adjusted downward in September. Affected by this, after "two consecutive ups", at 24 o’clock in September 18th, China’s oil price adjustment time window opened again, and domestic oil price is expected to usher in the fourth reduction in the year. In mid August, Brent crude oil futures once returned to $50 a barrel, and New York crude oil futures rose above $48 a barrel. In September 1st, the two major global benchmark prices fell to $45.45 a barrel and $43.16 a barrel, respectively. Although a small amplitude shock recovery later, but the international oil price has not been able to challenge the high point in the early stage. "At present, the price of product oil will not be stranded, but it may be the smallest decline since this year." China Energy Research Institute of oil Longzhong Information Analyst Li Yan said, is expected in September 18th 24 when the price adjustment window, domestic gasoline and diesel by 120 yuan per ton and 115 yuan, equivalent to 92 down 0.09 yuan per liter of gasoline, No. 0 diesel down 0.1 yuan per liter. The International Energy Agency research estimates an ICIS data model, according to the current level of international oil prices in September 18th, domestic gasoline and diesel retail price is expected to decline in 24 to 105 yuan per ton, 90 measure to the retail price of gasoline and No. 0 diesel (the national average) were down 0.08 yuan per liter and 0.09 yuan. The current round of domestic oil price adjustment cycle is the eighteenth round of this year’s cycle. The price of gasoline and diesel has gone through two aground, three down, six increase and six times, because the international oil price is lower than the floor price of 40 dollars per barrel. At this point, since this year, China’s gasoline and diesel prices have risen 470 yuan and 455 yuan per ton, respectively.

国内油价明日24时有望迎第四降 92号油或降9分钱   国际原油市场的复苏之路并不平坦。经过8月中下旬的快速攀升,进入9月,国际油价不断向下调整。受此影响,在“二连涨”之后,9月18日24时,我国成品油调价时间窗口再次开启,国内油价有望迎来年内第四次下调。   8月中旬,布伦特原油期货价格曾一度重返每桶50美元,纽约原油期货价格也升至每桶48美元上方。而9月1日这两大全球基准油价分别跌至每桶45.45美元和每桶43.16美元。虽然后期有小幅震荡回升,但国际油价已无力挑战前期的高点。   “目前来看,本轮成品油调价不会搁浅,但可能是今年以来的最小降幅。”国内能源研究机构隆众资讯油品分析师李彦表示,预计9月18日24时调价窗口开启时,国内汽、柴油降幅分别为每吨120元和115元,折合92号汽油每升下调0.09元、0号柴油每升下调0.1元。   国际能源研究机构安迅思数据模型测算,按照目前国际油价水平看,9月18日24时国内汽柴油零售价降幅预计在每吨105元,测算到零售价格90号汽油和0号柴油(全国平均)每升分别下调0.08元和0.09元。   本轮国内成品油调价周期是今年以来第十八轮周期,汽、柴油价格经历两次搁浅、三次下调、六次上调、六次因国际油价低于每桶40美元的“地板价”而不调整。至此,今年以来,我国汽、柴油价格累计分别上涨每吨470元和455元。相关的主题文章: