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The experience provided by the United States domestic carrier aircraft performance or laser weapons – Sohu military channel according to the "national interest" website 19 reported that the U.S. Navy officials said the day before, after carefully studying the emerging global threat environment, the United States Navy on its aircraft carrier’s size, shape, configuration and task characteristics innovation. When it comes to China future aircraft carrier construction will also consider whether these factors of innovation, a military expert Li Jie told reporter in an interview that the development of China carrier is take a gradual path, has entered the large-scale national carrier series, will continue to improve in the future fixed wing aircraft performance and application of the unmanned platform. Reported that, despite the U.S. aircraft carrier specific reform plan has not yet announced, but the future aircraft carrier may be equipped with more advanced sensors and ship protection equipment. In order to defend the enemy firepower, the future aircraft carrier speed will be faster, more manipulative. At the same time, the aircraft carrier will be improved to equip more uavs. Analysts said the United States Navy aircraft carrier performance is designed to allow it to operate in a highly dangerous environment. Li Jie analysis said that the United States plans to reform the aircraft carrier is most likely to be implemented in two areas: first, continue to strengthen the offensive and combat capability. The United States has been put forward, Chinese, countries such as Russia and Iran weapons strike force more powerful, the United States will want large aircraft carrier formation retreat, can avoid long-distance long-range precision strike weapons at the same time, will continue to increase the aircraft carrier formation crackdown and the ability to use is the main means of uav. The future will be at the forefront of the aircraft carrier formation, the deployment of a large number of advanced unmanned platforms such as X-47B UAV, unmanned surface boats and unmanned underwater vehicles, the formation of three-dimensional unmanned air, surface and underwater, both reconnaissance and combat in case of necessity. In addition, the aircraft carrier fleet combat radius will increase further, carry air to surface missile, air-to-air missile range, not only can get themselves out in the danger zone, and long-range missile attacks. Two defense, the future of the aircraft carrier related facilities, such as detection, search, reconnaissance means will be stronger. The aegis ship aircraft carrier formation can be found at the first time of ballistic missile launch distance warning machine remote target search, UAV reconnaissance satellite and space and a series of means to air from space to surface and underwater stereo reconnaissance, will get the information to be transmitted to the Fleet Command Center, in order to make the decision in the shortest time. In addition, the future of the aircraft carrier on the use of laser weapons, electromagnetic railgun, new concept weapons, etc., can also make it more defensive capabilities, the overall operational performance of the aircraft carrier will be further improved. Speaking of the future of China’s aircraft carrier construction will also consider these factors of innovation, Li Jie believes that the U.S. aircraft carrier to today’s Ford class, has entered a fairly high level stage. The development of China carrier is take a gradual path, from 2012 China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship delivered to the Navy, today nearly four years, we have entered the country in large aircraft carrier sequence, development is relatively fast. Next, we will learn more from the United States and other countries.相关的主题文章: