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Do you understand the difference between younger and younger design? – Sohu auto presidential election dust settles. Although this is the battle of the two – year – old, but the decision is the result of the majority of young people in the United States of America, the United States and the United States and the United states. Trump became Wall Street, traditional media, and the Capitol Hill political bigwigs opposed, more for the grass root young people welcome. Beautiful is the biggest campaign Ivanka Trump. Many people said that after watching Ivanka campaign speech, decided to vote for the Trump. The world is yours! The result of the election was actually doomed. This is not a belated effort, beginning about green master Trump. Because: first, Trump not crazy – a successful businessman, a culture of a bunch of outstanding children’s father, how likely is a madman? However, there is no sign that Hilary is really a liar; secondly, the American people have enough to help the traditional politicians, as the White House, Trump may also be some vulgar, but he is more real than Hilary. The world has really changed, but the traditional American media and the elite of Wall Street, but still live in yesterday, that their fake polls can affect the voters today. Is in fact only about themselves, Hilary believed that the polls, thought his election, pleased with oneself, in a formal vote, they are eager to congratulate himself on Twitter: "Happy birthday, future president!" This is a taboo, contempt for Trump, is also a great deal of the electorate does not respect, especially for those who still have a young heart, still have a tendency to rebel voters — what is it? I haven’t voted yet! If not so frivolous, Hilary might lose, but should not be so miserable. She and her team may lament — the world has indeed changed in the heart! The world has indeed changed, however, become only the appearance, the core of the law has not changed. For example, the world seems to be dominated by a group of elderly people, but in fact, the world belongs to the young. Whoever wins the youth wins the world. This, the other side of the KMD, there should be a deeper feeling. 8 years ago, Hilary lost to Obama in the party primaries, because young people are more support for the president’s speech can be said to comic scripts; 8 years later, it seems Hilary did not really summarize previous lessons, this time, she still did not win lose in more young people. So, Confucius said: "houshengkewei!" Chairman Mao said: "the world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis, it is yours!" They are all young people who look back on history, and make great achievements. Tang Song Zu, Qinhuanghanwu, do you think is a bunch of old man? In fact, Li Shimin was 27 years old; 32 year old Zhao Kuangyin emperor Qin Shihuang; 39 year old completed China unified industry; Han de Hun, "35 years old in four counties"; Eastern Han Dynasty emperor liu-相关的主题文章: