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Pets Nowadays, the high price of pet supplies has deterred pet owners from buying supplies or products for their pets. Necessities such as dog food are seen as the only vital need for a pet which will not be ignored; but other pet luxuries such as pet carriers, pet toys, pet beds, pet collars, pet leashes, pet shampoo and other pet supplies are seen as undesirable. Due to the decreasing demand, pet product manufacturers have had to drop prices in order to meet the necessary yearly sales quota. Just about all individuals who possesses a dog or a cat is considered a pet lover (if they’re taking care of their pets properly). Since our pets spend the majority of their lives with us, their pack, we must treat them as regular parts of the family. Catering to them with beds, leashes, collars, pet carriers, and other pet products which amplify their lifestyle. While it’s true they’re an animal, domesticated pets actually prefer higher standard living conditions provided by humans, by no means should we treat them as lesser; we still must respect our pets, but remember that they are a pet at that, lavishing them and treating them fairly are two different things. The online pet industry has matured and grown substantially quite a number over the internet. Not only has there been an increase in pet stores in real life, but the addition of pet supplies affiliation payments by major online retailers such as Amazon has caused an uproar of new websites to .e out and advertise/push retailers products. This in large makes it appear as though there are many more pet products available on the market when in fact a few large online retailers own a massive amount of the market share because of affiliation and brand recognition. The only way real life pet stores such as Petsmart have been able to .pete with this is by providing their own affiliation system (which is not nearly as integrated and tech-savvy as Amazon’s), and to lower their prices dramatically. While this hurts the major players in the pet supplies market, it only benefits online pet supply consumers. Your job as the consumer is to seek out all the different stores online and physically, .pare prices, read product reviews, read customer feedback regarding products. For example, when you click through on an affiliate product link on any "online pet store" website, you will find yourself at Amazon’s website. Thankfully for you, Amazon recognizes that in order to succeed online, you need customer reviews of people who have bought and experienced the products first hand. Reading customer reviews is very authentic and gives you a true feeling of how other people felt about the product. The best part is, you get a money back guarantee online with any major retailer of online pet supplies. This means you can try the product, and send it back if you feel unhappy. Usually money back guarantees last between 30-35 days on average, some .panies offer up to a year money back guarantee, but this guarantee sound a bit more ludicrous. So begin your search, hit up Google and type in "online pet store" (without the quotations). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: