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Ding Xueliang: first-tier cities annual income of one hundred and twenty thousand to treat clap breast core tip: 2011 "Forbes" magazine published a global tax misery index rankings, let the people the most painful is the tax list, China, ranked second, the national welfare good French ranked first, Ding Xueliang believes that the world cannot find any a country, good welfare tax is not high. Today, the three of us are walking together "," Qiang Qiang said that tax. Phoenix October 31st "clang" three of us are walking together, the following is the text: Dou Wentao: "Qiang Qiang" three of us are walking together, let us with the teacher learning, you learn this name is good, we learn more and more good with you. Ding Xueliang: some people say, I called my former study good, too bad, to the good after. Dou Wentao: from forsake heresy and return to the truth. The last Zhang Xueliang is off the hook? Ding Xueliang: from the good, he used drugs, Chihepiaodu to, just off the hook. Ma Jiahui: but if he does not suck drug that is not from the last, began to be off from the good, only one woman, he said, I have only one, no way. Dou Wentao: so it’s better for a man to be older. Ma Jiahui: but to be locked up, is under house arrest, was placed under house arrest for decades. Dou Wentao: Yes, through the ordeal. Ma Jiahui: age is not good, I see too much. Many people actually earn money is the sense of power Dou Wentao: of course we should care about their people’s widespread pain, I told you in 2011 "Forbes" magazine published a global tax misery index rankings, let the people the most painful is the tax list. What do you think of China? Ding Xueliang: top three. I have this impression, because we often see these things. Dou Wentao: second, who is the first? National welfare is said to be the first in france. Ma Jiahui: the French are not mistaken, you almost certainly earn one hundred dollars, the cumulative tax, $one hundred seems to have 60 or 67 to the government, he is very painful. Ding Xueliang: you see Britain was also, Britain was the cumulative tax above that a real high income of that period, many British people if you high at this stage, the US British people have emigrated to the United States, we were in the United States, we said what are you doing to the United States, the United States tax is so high, you should stay in the uk. Later, when I went to Europe to meet more, the Nordic people said that the British tax is high, we have the highest taxes to 75%, Nordic, the world’s best welfare countries. Dou Wentao: who’s still working?. Ding Xueliang: of course, this is the problem, so this is what I say in the world you can not find any one country, the welfare tax is not high. Of course, you can find the tax benefits are not good, this is the worst. Dou Wentao: our country. Ding Xueliang: the pain index is related to that, it is the tax rate is not the highest, but it returns too little, so even if you only receive 30% of the tax, he felt that you are wrong, can not get it, it is very important. Ma Jiahui: just Wen Tao to add that you say that the tax rate is so high who will work, will work, their basic philosophy is that you;相关的主题文章: