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Dialogue Chen Anning: Chery Tiggo 7 | makeup to the joint venture – Sohu (the fire auto Sohu Yang Yanan) into the interview room, Chen Anning looked a little tired. On the evening of September 20th, Chery entered the strategy of "2" era of the first SUV product — Tiggo 7 listed in Beijing. In fact, I did not do the whole conference, watching our R & D design and marketing team released a new car." Chery executive deputy general manager said, but I am very happy today, Chery ushered in a significant new product." For the night of the conference, Chen Anning joked:. In fact, I am not very much in favor of talking about the technical aspects of the content, there are indeed too many. But we still hope that we take a look at today’s Chery, has a kind of strength." From the beginning of Chery Yi Ruize 5, bid farewell to the "1" era, into the "strategy 2" era. Chen Anning felt that this leap for Chery is actually a process of "good". Some things are always not open around, and some things must be upheld. Hold high the banner of technology, Chen Anning also talked about the real target Tiggo 7, is to compete head-on with the joint venture products. In fact, this is not a question of one or two products, but the problem of the entire independent brands. We must recognize the reality, in technology, quality, reliability and other aspects of direct confrontation with the joint venture brands." Chen Anning said that such remarks. Facing the quality test of 9.79 to 153 thousand and 900 yuan, the long-awaited, Chery auto sale Limited company general manager Gao Xinhua announced the Tiggo 7 price, compared to the pre-sale price of 10.99 yuan to 163 thousand and 900 yuan, the price has been lowered, and the 2 liter vehicle can enjoy 4000 yuan purchase tax subsidies to manufacturers". After the announcement of the pre-sale price, high Xinhua received feedback from dealers and users, which gave him a lot of confidence. "We are always used to talk about the price, but often ignore the value of." Gao Xinhua said so. In his opinion, the value of Tiggo 7 goal is the upgrading of products, the current price is the scientific evaluation of the value of their own Chery. For new products on Chery Tiggo family, under the expectations, also very confident. Chen Anning said: "the tiger 7 T1X is used in the special SUV platform, I do not know what brand can do that!" According to Gao Xinhua introduction, Chery Tiggo 7 integrated strategy of "2" era concept cars and cutting-edge technology. Geneva auto show the best concept car styling, based on pure SUV platform Fun to Drive handling performance, good power and fuel economy, as well as meet the needs of young users of the Internet experience. Based on the technical level of confidence, Chen Anning repeatedly stressed the Tiggo 7 competitors are not independent brand SUV. "Broadly speaking, a joint venture of SUV transaction price at 150 thousand this level, while the independent SUV has just exceeded 100 thousand yuan, this is the same configuration of the case." Chen Anning felt that this unequal dislocation competition, has become "相关的主题文章: