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Outdoors Dhaka is the capital and also the largest city in Bangladesh. The city is home to around 18 million people. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Bangladesh and thus a holiday destination for many people. Dhaka has the highest number of rickshaws in any city in the world. Dhaka is developing fast as a modern city and is the country’s centre of industrial, .mercial, cultural, educational and political activity. The city of Dhaka has a colorful history and known as the City of Mosques. As the city is progressing towards its development, tourism is also increasing at a fast pace. Tourism is giving rise to the construction of hotels where tourists stay. Dhaka has now more than 400 air-conditioned rooms in hotels located in different part of the cities. Eating out in Dhaka has also be.e very interesting as the choice is much more varied with availability of most of the famous global cuisine in quality restaurants. Public Transport in Dhaka is quite cost-effective. Cycle rickshaws are the most popular form of transport, and good for short distances, mainly on side streets. It is one of the best way to travel in the city and is very easily available. The city has many beautiful sights which one must visit during their vacations. The best and renowned sites are Baitul Mukarram Mosque, Holy Rosary Church, Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, Lalbagh Fort, Old High Court Building, 1857 Memorial, Central Shaheed Minar, Jatiyo Smriti Soudho, National Botanical Gardens, Suhrawardi Uddyan, Baldha Garden, Ramna Green and many more. The city has a never ending list of sights to see in the city. One can shop in Dhaka for almost everything. The city has many markets and shopping centers which draw huge crowd of people every day. One must be smart in bargaining if visiting the markets of Dhaka. Some of the best places for shopping in the city are Banga (or Bango) Bazar, New Market, Nogordola, Anjans, Jatra etc. If some one wants to have hassle free shopping, then can move your steps to Bashundhara City, a giant shopping center with extra modern shops and other services you would suppose to find in a shopping mall. Visiting Dhaka can be a memorable experience for you. The city has so much to offer its tourist that expected. Eating, Shopping, beautiful Sights to see, hotels in budget to stay what else a tourist looks for while searching for a destination for holidays! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: