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Dewclaws wear glass, or the villain appeared "Wolverine 3" propaganda Redubujian "Wolverine 3: Twilight" for "wolf township to find Wolverine" series of films of the third, may also be Monroe Hugh · Jackman’s last novel "Wolverine" works. As the end of the article, Wolverine 3: Twilight wolf to find the country, every move, both domestic and foreign fans attention. Recently, the "wolf King Kong 3: a stills found in" Twilight wolf Xiang suspected exposure of the new villain, at the same time the director also discloses 2 pictures. Recently the official movie account in social media published the "Wolverine: 3 new stills found" the twilight wolf Township, a well-dressed man in the middle of the road "which has enlarged trick users guess this is perhaps the villain Arcade. In the cartoon he created called Murderworld amusement park, there are a lot of his elaborate murder trap, has repeatedly and X against the x-men. In order to promote this super large producers who, in order to keep the film heat, also trying to highlight exposure film. This morning, Wolverine 3: Twilight wolf Township, director of the release of the two story board pictures. The film will be asked to produce a special staff before the film, in the form of painting to show the picture to be taken. In the 2 film directed by James · the story board pictures we can see manggold exposure, Wolverine flying toward the enemy vehicle, the wolf claw through their windshield, straight into the car, look today. Thus, the Wolverine 3: Twilight wolf hunt Township, wolf uncle will show Wu Yi fight against evil forces. In the "wolf King Kong 3: after the wolf found" Hugh · Mu Xiang; Jackman also in the "X" in a corner of X-Men: Apocalypse in wolverine, this is the eighth time he appeared in wolverine. In the March 3, 2017 release of the "Wolverine" Twilight 3: Wolf find Xiang, this is probably the Hugh · the last superhero movie starring Jackman, before he also disclosed that the fitness and diet of more than ten years, he also began to weary. Perhaps there are a lot of fans who are reluctant to Hugh · Jackman resigned from the role of Uncle wolf, but we can also in the Wolverine 3: Twilight wolf find the countryside, the wolf uncle wearing a wolf claw handsome appearance. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: