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Development and Reform Commission cadres to Xie Baisan afternoon: don’t you light excited when the chairman of the Commission to try sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my Disclaimer: This article is a personal point of view and analysis of professionals in the capital market, not official news, Sina to ensure the authenticity and objectivity, investors operate your own risk. [reading] Xie Baisan: the capital market greatly hurt 140 million people love poverty barge Xie Baisan: this time I support China Commission Commission should respect the professional don’t play Xie Baisan source of public number: introduction of anti short research center of Lee several recruit Author: Li Ji recruit, formerly known as Li Zhangzhe macroeconomic and stock analysis of senior experts, CCTV special finance commentator. Central University of Finance and Economics securities history researcher. Chinese stock market development (stock history) record of the first person. 1984 began to study the shareholding system, since 1986 has been in the National Economic Reform Commission, the State Council Economic Reform Office, the national development and reform commission. Zhang recently excited, attacked the Commission Liu Shiyu poverty alleviation policy, if you want to be chairman of the SFC, how do you do? Because of poverty, is the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s fundamental policy. First, from November 27, 2015 to 28, the central poverty alleviation and development work conference held. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the poverty alleviation task area Party committees and governments to get rid of poverty as the "13th Five-Year" period and the first priority livelihood project task, adhere to the overall economic and social development of poverty alleviation. To be signed letters of responsibility for poverty alleviation, junlingzhuang. To establish an annual report on poverty alleviation and supervision system, strengthen accountability inspectors. The poverty alleviation performance as an important basis for the selection and appointment of cadres. The CPC Central Committee and State Council special requirements: Central and state organs and departments in accordance with the responsibilities of departments responsibility to implement poverty alleviation and development, realize the Department of special planning and poverty alleviation planning effectively, make full use of industry resources to do the work of poverty alleviation and development. Therefore, poverty alleviation is the "13th Five-Year" period and the first priority livelihood project task, is the main task for every one. If you Xie Baisan chairman of the SFC will do, or you just over. Second, Xi Jinping pointed out: to do a good job of financial poverty alleviation, accelerate the pace of rural financial reform and innovation. This is the stock market to assist the poor that 2020 to about 70000000 rural poor out of poverty and poverty reduction to about 10000000 people per year; poverty alleviation has to sprint kenyinggutou crucial drawn village, as the Commission’s task is to issue new shares to escape from poverty. If you Xie Baisan chairman of the SFC will do, or you just over. Third, Xie Baisan said, management did not say the issue of new shares "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on poverty, poverty alleviation and win the decision" clearly pointed out that the financial strength to increase poverty. Encourage and guide the theory of business相关的主题文章: