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"Defender": Busan lawyers to defend him from Yang Yushuo "defender", 2013 rated 365th, at the end of this moment from the "defender", the protagonist Song Youshuo (Song Kanghao ornaments) because the LED demonstrations were arrested, in his trial court, hundreds of lawyers in Busan to defend him. The judge read out the names of the lawyers, and Song Youshuo, who was dressed in white, began to understand what had happened. He smiled with tears in his eyes. Song Youshuo is only a high school education, he study hard, take an examination of the qualification as a lawyer. Busan in 1970s, he worked in the real estate legal services started, open up their own firm. Life of Song Youshuo and not what social discontent, the government, he was full of hate for those dissidents. However, the son of a restaurant aunt was involved in the reading club case, was brutally abused by the authorities, Song Youshuo chose to defend him. He experienced the dark terror of an authoritarian regime, and he was intimidated, beaten, and blamed…… But he then went on to fight the road without hesitation. "Defender" stills to former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun as the prototype, provides the observation of a democratic transition in South Korea: from the perspective of constitution and law. In the confrontation between the egg and the stone, the egg will eventually win. This film is very simple and moving, won the best film of the Korean film dragon award, ranked sixty-fifth in the watercress. Stills相关的主题文章: