Deepen the reform of mixed ownership hundred million private capital absorbed nearly 4 billion 700 m-vidalia

To deepen the reform of mixed ownership Chongbai absorb private capital of nearly 4 billion 700 million yuan, Chongqing channel — comprehensively deepen the reform of mixed ownership of Chongqing department store to absorb private capital of nearly 4 billion 700 million yuan for the introduction of strategic investors to promote industrial enterprises, deepen the reform of mixed ownership, the evening of October 13th, the Chongqing department store announced the 2016 annual non-public offering plan and resume trading the transaction, intends to issue additional shares to Wumart holdings, BBK business and Chongqing Huamao pricing. It is understood that this will increase the issue price of 23.81 yuan shares, the number of shares issued for the 205 million shares, the total funds raised not more than $4 billion 881 million, of which nearly 4 billion 700 million yuan of private capital. According to the announcement, the issue of 205 million shares, Wumart holdings, BBK business and Chongqing Huamao subscription number was 130 million 400 thousand shares, 66 million 700 thousand shares and 7 million 900 thousand shares. After this issue, the shareholders of Chongqing department store the proportion of shares were trading group holds 29.95%, is still the largest shareholder; Wumart holdings holds 21.32%; BBK business holds 10.91%; Chongqing Huamao holds 2.27%; for the rest of the public shareholders. So far, the Chongqing municipal SASAC department will become a diversified system of mixed ownership enterprises, from the shareholding and control relationship, Chongqing Department of shareholders in no one can separate shareholders of Chongqing Department formed to control the relationship. The announcement shows that in terms of the use of funds raised, the funds raised will be used to store the new development, transformation, upgrading of Chongqing department store building, full channel marketing platform enterprise integrated information management platform construction, and logistics base upgrade project. Through this reform, the Chongqing department store will be full participation in industry consolidation, capital as the link to break resource boundary, strengthen purchasing alliances, network scale and logistics collaboration, sharing information and technology for mining customer resources, build online and offline interaction, a new profitable platform and integrated service provider products and solutions, to promote enterprise the core competitiveness and lay a solid foundation to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises." Chongqing department store responsible person. It is understood that, for the further implementation of the central and municipal government on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises in recent years, the spirit of the document, trading group actively and steadily promote the overall market and the deepening of reform. In March this year, trading group to achieve the overall market, deepening reform and start the related work, and actively promote the Department under the Chongqing mixed ownership reform, through the introduction of strategic investors, to enhance the core competition ability, realize the market transition mechanism and system. Trading group responsible person, as a fully competitive industry business class state-owned enterprises, and state-owned enterprises reform pilot in the trading group to achieve the overall market basis, will continue to further promote the Chongqing Department of mixed ownership reform, strive to achieve three goals. One is the introduction of the leading enterprises in the same industry as a strategic investor, through the capital level joint to realize the sharing of resources and industrial cooperation, ensure the enterprise transformation, build to meet the consumer demand, with advanced profit model for the development of the industry, to achieve sustained and healthy development of the company)相关的主题文章: