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De Shuai satisfactory season with the Rockets first training a new concern Morey has many years of the 16 season, the Rockets were changed to Breuer harden gorgeous magic three Tencent sports news September 25th according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that the first season for the Rockets coach, coach Mike de Anthony was satisfied with the truth. Rockets general manager Darryl Morley said, they are concerned about the newcomer Taylor Ennis for many years. The German boss was pleased with his first training day in the new season training camp, and DAntoni was pleased with what he had seen, because he saw the disciples showing some good signs. But DAntoni knows how to converge, in an interview and did not like to promote their offensive ideas. "They’ve taken a big step forward, and the team is playing the same team as I’ve coached." DAntoni said, "so it’s easy for me to coach the team and there is no big change in style. I used to try to persuade the players to do as I asked. Now, they know how to do it, they just need to get involved." DAntoni continued: "this is really good, we continue to increase familiarity, we show a lot of things. The players were in high spirits, and they did a lot of training this summer, so they were in good shape and everything was good. Now, we just need to be on the basis of the existing, one step forward." But the Rockets still have a perplexing problem, that is their training camp there are too many back – Gary – Payton II, Patrick – Beverly, Taylor – Bobby, Ernest Brown, Eric ghioni, Puri – pabo Luo Gordon, James harden and Isiah – Taylor, Mike Daniels KJ-, and the 9 people 6 people in a point guard. Obviously, the new season, harden should be main backcourt mate Beverly and Gordon, and Morey introduced so much back, is that they form the competition. "Everyone knows that in this league, the defender is more important." Morey said, "we know that Beverly, Gordon and James this three people will get a lot of time, but we still need a out of the ordinary. We have a veteran like Brown and Prigioni and we think they have a chance to help us. We have young players like Ennis and Payton, they can speed up the pace. I would like to give the coach more options in this position, I hope they can improve themselves and support the three guys." Ennis is the first round of the 2014 eighteenth show, Morey revealed in the draft when he was concerned about Ennis. "We’ve been watching him, he’s passing." Morey said, "he must have a real opportunity to show myself. Brown, Prigioni, Ernest Payton and the four guys, there may be one or two guys in the new season to get a few minutes." (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: