Dazhou, Xuanhan, a building collapsed caused 4 dead and 2 injured a family of rope down the stairs (-darren hayes

Dazhou Xuanhan building collapse caused 4 Dead 2 injured a three drop down (Figure) the evening of September 19th 7:40, Dazhou (micro-blog) gold town, Xuanhan County College Village 1 groups of houses collapsed, after the accident, 12 people were trapped or lost, through unremitting efforts, the night of 8 people rescued 4 people trapped in the ruins of another. 21 afternoon at 2, the end of the search and rescue work. After the full search and rescue, trapped 4 people died, the cause of the incident is stepping up investigation, housing contractors and other responsible persons have been controlled by the public security organs, rehabilitation work is carried out in an orderly manner. A sudden thought household gas explosion 19 evening about 7:40, Ms. Zhao had dinner ready, and as usual at home watching TV, suddenly, a loud noise and scared her out in a cold sweat. "I thought there was a gas explosion." Ms. Zhao said, when open the window to observe the street when a strong smell of dust and paved, very pungent, "was already gray, only to feel the house opposite something vaguely heard someone crying for help." Who lives on the 4 floor, she rushed downstairs to see, many residents of the town also rushed over, opposite the original 7 storey building, has collapsed in the past 1/3. Town residents on the side of the organization to save themselves, while calling the rescue phone. "At about 8:30, two fire engines arrived, and a moment later an ambulance came." Ms. Zhao said, the fire fighters to observe the scene, quickly deployed including ladder truck, reinforcements. More than 9 points, the scene has been a lot of people involved in the rescue." Nearby residents Miss Cheng introduced, he lived in a family of three in the building 3 floor, after the incident to escape from Front Gate scene, found the corridor collapse. In desperation, Ms. Cheng’s husband immediately came to the decoration of the rest of the cable, tied to the body of the 13 year old child, he will go down the rope, a family with this approach to safe evacuation of the scene. That night, Xuanhan County Fire Brigade, Sinopec Puguang emergency center, Dazhou blue rescue team, Dazhou rescue team and Bashan rescue teams, hundreds of volunteers rushed to the scene of the accident, the night fighting operations in the rubble, rescue trapped people. After the accident, according to preliminary statistics of the town government, 12 people were trapped or lost contact. Under the tireless efforts of the rescue team, quickly rescued 6 people. Only two people did not escape in time: a woman surnamed Zhang with grandchildren, another is Kwak, Jo couple and their daughter. That night, rescue workers will be a woman is only 6 years old and 7 year old children rescued, rushed to the hospital. 20 am at about 9 am, Kwak was rescued after the tragic death, but Zhang Popo, Cao and Cao’s daughter has not rescued the three. A woman trapped rescued after 20 minutes was outside of the great movement, like thunder, I was standing up from the sofa, shivering. The first thing I thought of was to run, but I pulled hard a few times, the door of the living room is not open……" A 74 year old woman, Zhang Xuegui, witnessed the collapse of houses, recalled the trapped in the home situation, has a lingering fear. Around 7:40 that night, Zhang Xuegui was alone相关的主题文章: